Saturday, 2 August 2014

Remember Me?

Just in case you forgot, I'm Rachael, I'm 17 and I'm technically the owner and not-so-regular poster of A Is For Ayla. I'll be honest and come out and say it, for a while I've sort of avoided my blog, I'm not sure whether It's because I feel out of the circle, or it's because I dread logging on and being faced with a list of 280 posts I feel just aren't 'me' anymore. Either way, occasionally I have thought about logging back on and having a browse about, I love seeing how lots of my old friends and followers are doing, and how their lives have changed. I can tell you now, my life has changed a fair amount. 
I won't promise I'll post regular beauty posts from now on, because the reality is I just don't *care* about it as much as I used to. However moving away from one interest only means moving closer towards another. I'm lucky enough to be coming in to that part in life where I have access to some pretty nice sums of money, but don't have the restraints of a full time job to content with. As a result, I've found myself travelling around a lot. I'd love to share all the things I'm doing, and all the places I'm travelling to, but only if you'd like to read it! 
I guess more than anything this was a post to let you all know I am still alive, just in case you ever remembered my blog as I remembered a lot of yours!