Thursday, 13 August 2015

UPDATE | Results Day, Uni, Moving Forward

Helloooo lovely bloggers. I've got to say it still feels pretty weird writing blog posts again, like a blast from the past! As you might tell by the tone of this post its been a really good results day, at least its been a much more positive experience than last year! If you remember my results post from last year you might remember that I wasnt entirely happy with my AABCD at AS Level. And if you dont remember my last results day post, you certainly wont remember that I was studying French, Spanish, Politics, Economics and General Studies. Well fast forward a year and the Economics has long gone, and I've managed to resit my way to a B in French, an A in Spanish, an A in Politics and an A in General Studies. Thankfully I surpassed my university offer to study Chinese and International Relations at Nottingham which is where you'll find me in a months time! I'm super excited for whatever uni life will bring, although pretty disappointed I have the leave the 3-month Summer bubble and actually do some work for once.
Congratulations to my fellow A Level-ers, and good luck to my GCSE student followers for next Thursday! I'd love to know your plans for the future!