Monday, 2 June 2014

A Is For Ayla: Another Blog Birthday!

I appreciate I haven't exactly been the most active blogger in the past year, partly down to exams, work, moving schools and whatever else the average 17 year old has going on. I even feel the need to address the fact that yes, I am 17 now, just in case you didn't know (let's be honest you probably didn't I've been so absent). It almost makes me feel guilty writing this post as the point in posting to day is it thank all my lovely readers, followers, guest posters, PR amigos of the past year for being so fabulous. Today is actually A Is For Ayla's 3rd birthday. Quite odd to think that if my blog were a baby (pretty sure I used this analogy last year ...and the year before) It'd now be a toddler.
A huge thank you to everyone I've worked with over the past year. Everyday I receive so many lovely emails from new bloggers seeking advice, old bloggers I haven't spoke to in a while and an ever increasing number of PR fairies. Despite not posting, I have been responding to the majority of emails relating AIFA, don't think I forgot about you altogether! Thanks to everyone that joined the AIFA familia this year, hopefully I'll still be back to post this time next year.