Thursday, 29 December 2011

Primark, Superdrug and Elemis Haul

Purple Slouchy Vest - Primark 3.50 2.00 / Stag Ring - Primark 2.00 1.00 / MUA Lipstick Shade 3 - Superdrug 1.00 / MUA Bronzer Shade 2 - Superdrug 1.00 / Leopard Flats - Primark 5.00 / Nude Flats - Primark 4.00 / Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser - Elemis 27.50? / Pro-Collagen Marine Cream - 76.00 / Floral Wire Headband - Primark 1.50 1.00 / Accessorize Illusion Nail Polish 'Bronze' - Superdrug 4.00 / Underwear Set - Primark 6.00

Now I know I promised a big 'What I bought in the Boxing Day sales' haul however the truth is, well I just didnt buy much at all! Topshop had an amazing sale and I much regret not picking up a few bits. So instead I bring you just a few bits from Primark (who unbelievably had a 50% reduction on most items) Superdrug and Elemis. Now before anybody shoots me down for being 14 and buying Elemis, it was bought with Christmas money and I'm slightly addicted to their products. Once you've turned to Elemis its impossible to go back to any other brand of cheaper quality (and price for that matter).

All the pieces from Primark I had intentions to purchase anyway and so was delighted to see a few of them had been reduced a little. I didnt go for a massive look around the stores sale racks because the place was so busy I couldnt really move! I might go back at the weekend and have a look because theres a few other bits from Boots I need to pick up. Expect another haul soon!

Monday, 26 December 2011

My Christmas In Photos

Quick photo summary of my household's Christmas. Taken with my new camera. The angel is my favourite tree decoration, I'm known to steal all gold coloured sweets from the chocolate tins and some lovely jewellery I recieved - The others are all self explanatory. A sort of 'What I got for Christmas' and boxing day haul up soon. How are we liking the little changes to my layout too - yay or nay?

Overall hope you all had a lovely festive season, whether you celebrate or not.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Natural Collection Mascara Review

One coat pictured

When I first started wearing makeup my stash pretty much consisted of cheaper brands like Natural Collection, MUA and Collection 2000 because as a 13 year old it was all I could really afford to keep repurchasing. Now a little older, I'm able to get more expensive brands but I always come back to my Natural Collection mascaras purely because I believe they work the best for me. I've tried numerous Rimmel, Maybelline, Mac and even Armani mascaras and none work better than these beauties at £1.99 a pop.

I wear reading glasses. I use them for about 7 hours each day while I'm at school. Anyone with glasses will know how annoying it is trying to find mascaras and false eyelashes that don't a) scrape your lenses and leave a huge black mess every time you bat your lashes and b) leave you looking like you've applied 200 coats of mascara that morning. I really do believe that this mascara gives me the perfect length, thickness and curl I've been looking for, all in one mascara too! But I'll show you the pictures and let you decide for yourself.

Sorry for the absence of the photo of the wand, its disappeared somewhere along the process. With the wand you do get a bit of excess on the tip but its easily dabbed away. The wand is quite fine and therefore eliminates the risk of major clumping. Any lumps or bumps you do find are extremely easily brushed out (I recommend the Tweezerman Lash Comb) In the photo I didn't brush them out, just to give you a true sense of how it initially applies. The smell is a little synthetic, however I struggle to find a mascara that isn't.

The Natural Collection mascaras come in 5 types - Lash Length (pictured), Lash Curl, and Lash Build, Lash Care and Waterguard with both 'Black' and 'Brown/Black' colouring available in all. Minus the Lash Build, I own all of these. My favourites being the Waterguard and Lash Length. Boots almost always have a 3 for £5 deal on their NC cosmetics too! You could be getting 6 mascaras for the price of one average Maybelline or Rimmel one!