Monday, 13 January 2014

Life Update: A Levels, University and Work

Lets pretend I haven't been missing for several months and cut straight to it. The last time I did one of these life updates, I was studying for my AS Levels in French, Spanish, Politics and Economics (and a few added extras we don't need to discuss). Fast forward to the present, I've got a few so-so grades under by belt. Don't get me wrong they weren't tragic, but they weren't half as good as they could have been. This year I've been extra motivated to study more (she says writing a blog post midday on a Thursday sat at home watching Narnia) especially for my current mocks.
I know a lot of my followers are going through the same UCAS applications as me at the moment, so I'll talk a little bit about what I'm up to in terms of University applications, I know I get really curious about what everyone else is doing! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I went through the whole Oxford and Cambridge open days hassle experience. Although I loved Oxford, I didn't apply, partially because my grades were sightly doubtful (although still enough to get an interview) and because I've found what I would consider to be the perfect course for me elsewhere. I've mentioned it before, but I'm hoping to study something along the lines of Mandarin Chinese with International Relations, with a year abroad in China. I sent my application off in November, and at the moment I've got an offer from Nottingham (my first/only realistic choice), Leeds and Newcastle, as well as an interview at Manchester which I'm considering rejecting. I'm also still waiting for a response from Edinburgh. I'd love to here everybody elses UCAS success stories, or alternatively anybodies advice on university life!
Work wise, although a quit my job at NEXT last September, I've managed to find myself working at another store closer to home. I have to say I do quite enjoy it, I can think of a thousand jobs more torturous!
I hope this post will at least justify my recent absence. Hows everyone else doing?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lifestyle: The 13 Best Moments Of 2013!

1. My 16th Birthday
I finally turned 16 on the 22nd January! I planned on having a party and everything but in the end I opted for a quieter birthday. So quiet that I don't have a detailed picture of what I did! I just did some shopping, spent time with family and friends and had a bit of a party!
2. A Friends Party
This is a really random one but this party in particular really stands out for me. I'd had one of the worst days ever and yet one of the best nights ever. I was really at my happiest despite not all of my friends being there. Weird, but I'll remember it forever!
3. My Blogs 2nd Birthday!
Back on the 2nd June my blog turned 2! I was really happy to have made it this far and really thankful for everyone who was still sticking with me.
4. Last Exam - Finishing School!
On the 17th June I had my last exam - geography, a subject I actually like! Only 3 of my friends were actually in on the day so I didn't necessarily spend the day celebrating. It was weird wearing my uniform for the last time and walking over 'the bridge' for the final time as a student!
5. Prom!
I did have a whine and complain about my Prom back on the 28th June but it is a date I'll always remember. It was good to see all of my teachers and my friends I was leaving behind on a more formal goodbye! The after prom was an amazing night too, you don't feel the need to hold back on anything when you know you wont see 90% of the people again!
6. Starting My New Job!
Most people probably dread this but I was really happy to start work at a fashion retail chain. I work as a sales assistant and love every minute of it!
7. Results Day!
Results day was the last time I saw a lot of people. It was great to finally let all the work I did at high school go! In the end I came out with 2A* 8A and 2B.

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