Monday, 11 June 2012

Primark Haul!

Printed Tank Top - £3.00   /   Mint Shorts - £5.00   /   Stripe Top - £3.00   /   Navy Dot Paperbag Shorts - £10.00 £5.00   /   Cream Press-Stud Belt - £2.00   /   Polka Dot Bow - £1.50   /   Stackable Rings - £2.00   /   Eyelashes - £1.00   /   Sunglasses - £1.00   /   Hair Bands - £1.00   /   Assorted Underwear Bottoms - £1.00 each   /   Black Flats - £4.00   /   Hair Donut - £1.00

Just by looking at my blogger stats I can see that Primark hauls are your favourite type of post, so hopefully this makes you all happy little bloggers! I spent just short of £40 today, although, I think I did pretty well considerring I went purely just to accompany my brother who has awful fashion sense and asked me for some help, aw! He spent just over £80 and got some quite nice bits and bobs! I know I have a few male readers aswell as women interested in mens clothing, if you wanna see a few of the bits just drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do!

Shimmy Shake


Collection 2000 Hot Looks Polish in 'Shimmy Shake' - £1.79 Boots & Superdrug

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bare Minerals Skincare 'Blemish Remedy'

Here's something a little different for you all, a review on Bare Minerals skincare. They say that Bare Minerals is the only makeup you can sleep in it's so natural, and so of course it would lead you to believe their skincare was absolutely out of this world. Well I for a first attempt with their line (which consists of everything from cleansers and moisturisers to eye treatments and night serums) I went for the 'Blemish Remedy' as I was having trouble with creams and liquids, and this a 'powder' skincare seemed interesting.

The product is a beige coloured powder, with a very strong tea tree scent. It's not as finely milled as their makeup and has a tendency to clump. The packaging is the same size as the Bare Minerals 30 day starter set pots of mineral veils I reviewed here but is an opaque brown jar instead. The 'heal and conceal' brush provided is very useful, and of good quality. 

The 'Blemish Remedy' claims to minimise the appearance of pores, neutralise redness and diffuse imperfections while its sulphur prevents future breakouts and the 100% pure ActiveSoil Complex exfoliates and soothes the area. I can definitely agree with the fact that the product neutralises redness and diffuses an imperfection. I'm in two halves about it's pore minimising properties. I find it works in some areas such as around the nose, but accentuates pores in the chin area. The powder itself is also not strictly translucent. For darker or very warm skin tones like my own it does lighten the area slightly, and can require blending out if you apply over a patch or area, this doesn't matter so much if you're applying to spots.

Bare Minerals 'Blemish Remedy'
£15 at Bare Escentuals counters in Selfridges, Debenhams ect.

Just on a side note, I a while ago mentioned I had broken out in rashes due to an unknown allergy. It's all now cleared up and we've discovered I'm allergic to cows milk. I shall add that to the long list of my already existing allergies. But I am now able to wear and try out new makeup and skincare products, and so my blog shall have much more content similar to this in the coming days, thanks for sticking with me!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

A is for Ayla is 1!

Hey! Long time no post! Hopefully this will make up for it, because I'm really rather proud to announce my baby is 1 year old today! No, I'm not a 15 year old with an all screaming, all kicking delight, but instead my rather lovely safe haven, A Is For Ayla has its first birthday today!

If you asked me then if I would still be blogging I probably would have said no. I've never really been one to stick with things for long. But I believe whats kept me going is your lovely feedback and comments, and of course my ever growing number of followers! As of this moment I have 225 followers - far more than I could ever have expected to gain in just a year. So to keep it quick, I'd like to thank you all my wonderful readers, and hopefully you'll see many of these similar posts in years to come!