Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #2

I've developed an obsession for the T-Shirt and that's all you really need to know.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Primark Haul

Gold Neck Cuff - £4 £1   /   False Nails - £1.50   /   Hairbrush - £1   /   Burgundy Suede Skirt - £4   /   Black Underwear - £1.70 p/u   /   Bra - £4 (as part of set)

I am IN LOVE! with the tube skirt! It feels amazing, I've had  friends continually petting and stroking me whenever I wear it (this sounds wrong, no?!) I'm gonna go back next week and pick up another burgundy as well as the black variation. Seriously peeps, have a peek in store! They have LOADS of cheap bodycon mini skirts and pencil skirts in about a million different patterns, colours and textures in at the moment! I would recommending getting a size down though! Again, I love Primark underwear with a passion and so I proceeded to fill my basket with their delightful £1.70 pants! Most are in the wash so I couldn't picture them! The bra was a bit of a shock, I didn't look at the price and when I came out only having spent about £15 I checked the receipt to find it only cost £4 with matching bottoms! (which I shall not be wearing as I'm not a fan of dental floss if I'm honest) I'm gonna have another look and see if there are anymore of these sets - have you seen any others about? As for the nails you'll find out more about those in a NOTD in a few days!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Collection 2000 Lipgloss in 'Adore'

Adore is a creamy, milky bright pink that applies neutral and very much 'your lips but better'. The applicator is a small lip brush that is perfect for not over applying, but can create harsh lines so remember the blend! The gloss has a very very sweet scent, which suits the romantic, almost 'valentines' concept around these lip glosses. Pigmentation is amazing in this particular shade, although not so great with some of the other shades in the collection. There are 6 shades together in the line, ranging from hot pink, to coral to nude. Some with glitter, some without. This in particular has no shimmer and is completely one tone. The fact these have SPF20 and come in fairly small packaging makes them perfect for taking in holidays!

Product - Collection 2000 lip gloss in 'Adore'
Advantage - A pretty, neutral pink shade for everyday wear
Disadvantage - I hear these may be discontinued soon?
Suits - Paler skin tones and cool undertones
Pigmentation - To say its a lip gloss, its bloody amazing!
Availability - £4.19 - Boots, Superdrug ect.
Overall score - (7/10)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Collection 2000 Metallic Cream Eyeshadow

The Collection 2000 metallic creams are a product I've been eyeing up for quite some time. The line of 5? shimmery shades that are not only extremely wearable as a eyeshadows but also as coloured primers. The collection includes a gorgeous silvery rose shade, an aquamarine blue, gunmetal, copper and gold colour range. Me being me, I delved in straight for the gold shade, aptly named 'Gold Rush' 

The packaging is simple - just the way I like a product to be. Although I do believe the actual tube and applicator choice could have been a little better. The sort of 'lipgloss tube' that Collection 2000 seem to go crazy for (ahem! LP concealer!) could produce quite a bit of waste product and the applicator isnt convienient for applying to the eyes, especially when using a brush like I do. I'm under the impression that C2000 want us to blend this in with our fingers, something theres no chance in hell i'd do with any cream eyeshadow, let alone a pigmented gold shimmer. The consistencey of the product is quite wet, but easily blends out into a think layer over the eyes which dries quickly. There's really nothing worse than an eyeshadow you have to sit (eyes closed) for 5 minutes waiting to dry. On to the swatching I guess!

Im quite intreiged to see what the copper alternative to this product looks like because to me, this seems quite coppery rather than the yellow-gold I expected. Nonetheless its copper-like colouring makes it considerably more wearable. This all over the eye with the copper shade is the crease and outer corner i imagine would look to die for! Pigmentation is quite a touchy subject with this eyeshadow. It is pigmented, but when blended you have to layer it up a bit to get the same level of colour. Your probably sat thinking 'well thats the situation with most eyeshadows! duh!' Its difficult to explain, you can probably tell what I mean more through the image above.

Just to let you know the line across my eyelid is not creasing, i'm one of the unfortunate ones 'blessed' with rather large trenches across my eyelids. I was quite hesitant to put this photo on because of the horrific lashes and unplucked eyebrows (eurgh!) however if your anything like me I know I hate it when they review a product but leave it at the hand swatching. Creasing is like most eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows always take longer to succum to oily lids. However, do not wear this with a primer and it will be gone within a couple of hours. Layered up wth a decent primer underneath such as UDPP your likley to get around 6-7 hours worth of wear. I dont know about you but I never really keep my eyeshadow on for that long anyway.

Product - Collection 2000 Metalic Cream in 'Gold Rush'
Advantage - Can be worn for everday as well on out at night makeup
Disadvantage - Needs layering to reach is full pigmentation potential
Suits - All! although the tone might leave pale skin with pink undertones looking a little ill
Pigmentation - Average, could be better
Availability - £2.99 - Superdrug, Boots and most makeup counters
Overall score - (6/10)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #1

Usually my weekly wish list is full of makeup, cosmetics and skincare but this week fashion has been more of a priority. May have something to do with NYFW & LFW, what do you think? Speaking of trendsetting I subconsciouslyy picked some pretty trendy pieces out! Pastels, Sparkles and Embellishment - yes please! As for the perspex flats, you guys have litterally no idea how long I've waited for a pair to come to the high street. Bets are on, these will be in my wardrobe by the end of the week.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 'Take A Chance'

Today takes the turn of the Rimmel Vinyl Lipgloss. Now unless you've been living in a cave for the past 6 months you will have seen the millions of adverts claiming to give you up to 40% curvier lips with an added extra shine. I decided to put it to the test and try out a fairly neutral shade, Take A Chance.

One thing I love about this product more than others is its packaging. Im really picky usually but this product with its sturdy clear tubing does me just fine. The applicator is like most: has soft fibres, a long handle for control and it distributes the product perfectly. The formula is very good and glides on to the lips upon application. Its ever so slightly sticky but what lipgloss isnt?

Take A Chance is very much a 'your lips but better' shade (demonstrated well in the picture below). Its pretty much colourless but with hints of pink and gold glitter. The gloss itself has yellow undertones and would suit most skin types. Rimmel picks up more brownie points for the longetivity - its very long-lasting and and isn't really affected by eating or drinking.

Product - Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 130 'Take A Chance'
Advantage - Very pretty natural gloss perfect for work, school or natural makeup
Disadvantage - Slightly sticky
Suits - Most skin tones
Pigmentation - Average, its designed more for its shine
Availability - £4.99 - Superdrug, Boots and most makeup counters
Overall score - (8/10)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nivea Natural Volume Gloss

I'm quite confused as to whether or not this is a lipgloss or a lipbalm. Whatever the hell it is I picked it up the other day and have since come to form quite an opinion of this 'natural enhancer for volumous lips'. If you have'nt already gathered I despise this product. The colour is probably the nicest thing about it, but even then it doesnt transfer onto your lips but instead leaving you with a sticky solid mess smothering your lips. It by no means does what it's supposed to. I had more volumised lips before I braved sticking this thing on my face. The packaging is cheap and rubbery and the applicator itself has many flaws.

 Possibly the biggest turn off with this product is its distinctive, bitter scent. It really felt unatural putting such a fowl smelling product on my face to make me look and feel better. I can't really describe it to you, just a bitter sour smell that when applied to your lips (which just incase you'd forgetten is right below your nose) makes your eyes water. I can't bare having this on for more than 5 minutes, I cannot recommend you do not buy product this enough.

Product - Nivea Natural Volume Gloss
Advantage - Struggle to think of one
Disadvantage - Everything about it perhaps
Suits - Anyone with no sense of smell
Pigmentation - Pretty much none existent when applied
Availability - £1.49 - Superdrug, Boots and most places. 
Overall score - (1/10)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

MUA Blush In 'Shade 3'

I'm back again with some more MUA, this time a blush. I'm compelled to say this is actually my first ever post on a blusher so we shall see how my usual lipstick reviewing skills translate. Like most MUA products, this cost a mere pound. This makes it ideal for a handbag touch up pan, temporary supply or as a starting point for girls just getting into makeup. The packaging is alike most of their products - a black and transparent plastic case which does its job just fine.

I'm aware MUA have quite a limited range of shades when it comes to blushes and bronzes, maybe as their collection expands we'll see more appearing. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are a total of 3 shades, all of them being mid-pinks. If you click on the photos in this post, you'll see a clearer image of the tiny gold reflecs in the powder. Although it appears to have glitter in, its untraceable when applied. A positive thing in my books. Unlike a lot of lower end blushes I didn't find this to be chalky. The only complaint I would propose is the longevity of the blushes, I'd say it lasts around 3 hours on otherwise bare skin, probably around 5 with a good primer.

Product - MUA blusher in Shade 3
Advantage - Great amount of product for only £1
Disadvantage - Doesn't last very long on the skin
Suits - Paler skin tones and those with cool tones 
Pigmentation - Not amazing, but good when considering the retail price
Availability - £1 - Superdrug
Overall score - (5/10)

Monday, 13 February 2012

MUA Shade 3 Lipstick

MUA, a brand that's soon becoming quite popular with me and the rest of the blogging world have in my opinion, some of the nicest lipsticks about. With a £1 price tag you can afford to try it out and maybe disagree with me! The packaging is actually pretty nice for a pound. The 3.8g of product comes in the standard bullet form in a shiny black tube with the colour swatch at the end acting as a lipgloss of the exact same shade - just so long as you can get the darn thing off, quite unlike me! Oh! and please excuse the fingerprints all over the casing. Seeing them while editing this post is annoying me SO much!

This was my first lipstick out of their collection of 16 shades, me being my usual stupid self decided to plunge straight in for the brightest in the collection - Shade 3. The texture of the lipstick itself is very soft upon application. Its a very glossy, pigmented pink that maybe after a few hours becomes a little drying and needs a topping up.

Being a bright colour, I always find it best to wear a lip liner with this lipstick. The best match I've come across is the Natural Collection Lip Line in 'Ruby Rose'. It just eliminates the risk of getting smears and bleeding while your out and about. I don't know about you but I'm constantly worrying when wearing bright lips, checking a mirror every half hour for updates. The picture below is the lipstick applied, blotted then reapplied with the lip liner to define around the cupids bow and lower lip.

Product - MUA Lipstick in Shade 3
Advantage - Great pigmentation for only £1
Disadvantage - Dryng after a few hours
Suits - Primarily cool tones, but warm tones too I guess
Pigmentation - Very strong for what it is
Availability - £1 - Only at Superdrug 
Overall score - (8/10)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sally Hansen 18Hr Lipgloss in 'Clear Pink'

Now when you mention Sally Hansen nails would usually come to mind. However, alongside the wonder-working base and top coats there is also a large range of other cosmetics. One of my all time favourite lip glosses comes from this collection. 'Optimistic Opal' which I may have mentioned before is more a of a sheer nude which you might come across in another review soon. But for today it's all about the 'Clear Pink'

The lip gloss is a sheer, almost coral pink with hints of gold shimmer running throughout. Its quite like the Bare Escentuals lip gloss in 'Destiny' I always rave about but with less pigment. One of my favourite things about the Sally Hansen glosses is there amazing formulation. They are not sticky one single bit and are some of the most long-lasting I've tried. The packaging is pretty unusual too coming to think of it. The majority is a sort of glass-like plastic which makes the product rather heavy but therefore appearing more expensive. One negative is the availability of Sally Hansen cosmetics. They aren't widely available in stores but are pretty easy to find online.

Product - Sally Hansen 18Hr Lip gloss in 'Clear Pink'
Advantage - A long-lasting product and a possible dupe for BE 'Destiny'
Disadvantage - Packaging is chunky and quite heavy
Suits - Warm toned skin
Pigmentation - Mediocre, but the shimmer is lovely
Availability - $4.95 when shipped from USA / Also readily available on eBay
Overall score - (6/10)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Accessorize Illusion Nail Polish

This was the first ever Accessorize makeup item I bought. For weeks and weeks I had been eyeing up a polish from the same Illusion collection in 'Aztec' - a lovely blue/green/purple toned polish. I don't know why, but when at the stand around 3 weeks later I was compelled to pick up 'Bronze' instead. It was probably its lovely Pink/Yellow/Copper shimmery tones that brought me towards it. I mere £4 later I had it in my possession at last, I came home around 10pm, tried it out as soon as I got home and what did I find? 'UHH' that's it, just 'UHH'. The same shimmery loveliness I had seen in the store did by no means transfer onto my nails. All I saw was an odd, ugly, streaky looking shade of purple. I had never been so disappointed in all my life, at this point I was kicking myself telling me I knew I should have picked 'Aztec' instead. But I'm so glad I didn't. I woke up the next morning, went to open my curtains completely forgetting I had the polish on my nails, a beam of natural sunlight entered my room and low and behold there was that magical colour I had hoped for. Moral of the story - this polish looks atrocious under artificial light but freaking amazing under natural. Don't wear this on a night out, just don't.

After getting over the initial disappointment this soon became one of my favourite polishes, I must have worn it on my nails everyday for what? 5 weeks? I do find its consistency to be a little watery, the photo shows this quite well. Because of its runny nature on the first coat it is streaky, there's no denying that. But build it up to maybe 2/3 coats and the streakiness is long gone. It takes around 2/3 coats to build up an opaque colour anyway. Now the liquidness(?!) of the polish does have its benefit, its drying time is immaculate to say there were layers upon layers of the stuff.

This is under artificial light. You see, nothing like that gorgeous duo tone in the bottle, right? I tried to get a snap of the polish under natural light but every time they came out just looking as though I was wearing gold polish. Its just one of those beauties that need to be seen with your own eyes, not through a computer. Chipping is just like any other polish - without top coat you see a bit of tip ware within 2-3 days but with top coat around 5-6 days. But if your anything like me, its very rare I keep the same lot of nail polish on for any longer than 3 days.

The packaging is the typical gold, butterfly clad cardboard which in my opinion just makes the product look that tiny bit more luxurious. Lets face it, even if its just a bit of cardboard its still better than getting just a plain old bottle of models own, for example. I intend to buy loads more accessorize cosmetics, their lipsticks are probably next for me ...and one day I WILL get my hands on Aztec, even if it kills me.

Product - Accessorize Illusion Polish in 'Bronze
Advantage - Dupe for chanel duo-tone polishes
Disadvantage - Doesn't look great under artificial light
Suits - Anyone with nails!
Pigmentation - Medium, 2 coats and your fine
Availability - £4 - Superdrug and Accessorize stores
Overall score - (7/10)

Friday, 3 February 2012

January Favourites

Thinking about it this is my first published monthly favourites. I have a habit of writing out posts then decided they re worthless and never publishing them. These are just a few products I've been loving recently, I can highly recommend each and every one to you all!

No7 Eye Blend & Contour Brush - £7.25
- I wont babble on about this because If you saw my other post you would have known I did a review on this rather amazing brush just the other day. Basically its my go to blending brush, I'm SO glad I picked it up and this paired with the Natural Collection Duo = Absolute Perfection.

No7 Amazing Eyes Kohl Pencil in 'Brown' - £7.75
1.2g of pure goodness! I usually use this daily for the tails of my brows then fill the rest in with yet another No7 product, an eyeshadow from the 'Earth and Eden' pallet from a few seasons ago. As you've probably noticed, the past 3 products Ive mentioned have been No7. For me, this brand is excelling in every way possible.

Barry M Nail Polish In 'Blue Moon' - £2.99
I've been loving working the pastel trend this season with the aid of this polish! Its a lovely pale baby blue. I know many people rave about Barry M although usually I'm not a fan. For me this polish is lovely and just perfect, which for Barry M fans must be out of this world! I'd imagine this polish would be one to suit any skin tone too!

Collection 2000 Translucent Pressed Powder - £2.99
If there was ever a product I would put into every monthly favourites It would be this one. For the past maybe 2/3 years this has been my absolute saviour. Not a day goes by when I don't wear this. I couldn't live a day without the natural, mattifying qualities it holds. I have several backups of the same powder - just in case they try to discontinue it!

'Flora' perfume by Gucci
I initially bought this a while ago for about £60 tax free, although I'd imagine its gone down considerably in price as quite a few months have now passed. I love its fruity youthful scent, its quite unlike my usual Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, whenever I feel like a change this is the one I go for, which as been quite often this month!

Elvive Triple Resist Shampoo - £4
It's highly likely you've seen the dozens of TV ads for this shampoo. Its Elvive's latest offering, claiming to reduce hair loss and leave your hair feeling much healthier and 'reinforced from root to tip'. With me having wavy hair its difficult for me to ever get my hair feeling completely healthy and frizz free, this has been the best shampoo I've tried in a long time.