Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Isle of Skye


Many appologies for not posting for a couple of days, as you can imagine the lack of signal in the Scottish highlands has foiled my plans to post my everyday adventures. However, today I have been able to bring you the highlights of my trip to the Isle of Skye.
My Mother demanded we visit the island while on our travels, I wasn't too keen on the idea. "Grass, Sheep and Offroading - no thankyou!" I thought, however im so glad we did take the 6? 7? 8? (lost count!) hour journey across the West face of Scotland to see this rather special island! The Isle of Skye isn't famous for anything, it's pretty content being that secret haven for people who love the outdoors and seeing natural wonders, and some wonders we did see!

- The view from the Skye bridge
- Weather in Skye is extraordinary - sun, rain and wind all within 5 minutes!
- Everything there was so pretty!
- Don't be fooled, this water is FREEEZING!
- I somehow don't think I was born to be on Sky...
- Like something out of a movie, you not think?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hunting for Nessie!

 As the post title would suggest, today we went to Loch Ness. The day started with a rather wonderful 6 hour trip up to Inverness (which actually looked to have a pretty good shopping centre, my fashion scanning eyes never sleep!) We did'nt actually step down next to the loch as youre not able to - sad face! But I manage to take full advantage of 35x zoom and get these photos. On the way back we spotted Urquhart Castle at the side of the road and pulled in, glad we did as I managed to get some really nice photos!

- The rather beautiful (and huuuuge!) Loch Ness
- Loch Ness vol. 2
- I think I found Nessie ...sitting in the gift shop eating a mars bar just around the corner!
- Urquhart Castle
- Pretty proud of this photo! Local country fair photography entry I think so!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

St Andrews

I realise I only ever post a wee bit of my personal life on Aisforayla, which is why I've decided for the next week and bit I shall take you along with me on my tour of Scotland! I know its not the most exciting of places to bring you around, but its easy to upload everyday. And so I give you Day 1 - St Andrews!

St Andrews for those of you who aren't familiar is the home of the Ryder cup and in fact the home of golf in general! It's also where many Royals attend university (I actually had a quick brew in the cafe Kate and Wills first met up in!) These are just a few of the things we visited when we were there!

 - St Andrews castle on the coast front
- The world's most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G noodle bar!
- Can't go too far wrong with a bit of artsy fartsy photography, can we?
- The view from the pier
- St Andrews castle ruins from the pier
- Not historic or interesting, but a skirt I bought from H&M for £15!!!
- St Andrews University

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Korres Lipbutter in 'Quince'

I have been dying needing wanting to get my hands on any Korres products since I first noticed their brand around 6 months ago, especially their lip butters. Korres is a Greek brand, focussed on providing all natural skin, hair and sun care aswell as exclusive makeup line. Although all the products in their line contain the highest quality of luxury natural ingredients, they come without the luxury price tag. I find their line very very affordable as prices range from £7 to £19.

Now when I say lip butter, don't compare them to The Body Shop's alternative, because their nothing alike. The Korres lipbutters are a pigmented lip balm with a gloss finish and buttery texture. They melt on the lips just like butter too! They are by no means sticky, and have fun exotic flavours like Guava, Mango, Quince, Jasmine and Pomegranate, which you can taste on the lips for some time after. There are a range of colours, 'Guava' being a clear gloss, 'Pomegranate' a peach based, 'Quince' a bright pink and 'Wild Rose' the darkest I believe. However, they do show up a lot more sheer when blended around the lips, making the colour less intense than seen in the pot. I think its a very original formula, the only thing I can kind of compare it to is a lipstick pan, although these are slightly glossier and considerably smoother.

Korres Lipbutter in 'Quince' £7
Available from Waitrose, Sephora and Asos
Available also in 'stick' form

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

MUA Shade 20 Black Eyeshadow

I haven't tried too many MUA products before. I was pleasantly surprised with their lipstick and bronzer, so I plunged in for an eyeshadow. Shade 20 is 2g of pure matt black encased in the typical black plastic packaging. To say the product is only £1, you get a lot of product for your money, and a lot of pigmentation too. Admittedly, its not the blackest black I've ever seen, but its considerably better than some I've tried previously. I dont find it chalky, its very easy to blend and its quite soft and easy to apply. Of course will all soft eyeshadows there is a high risk of the pan cracking if you drop it, its for fairy fingers only! Also another slight issue is that it does product a bit of excess fallout in the pan, but its nothing that isn't manageable.

MUA Shade 20 Black Eyeshadow
Advantages - Good pigmentation for price
Disadvantages - Perhaps a little too soft
Overall Rating - (8/10)
Availability - £1 from the MUA website or Superdrug

Friday, 6 July 2012

In the month of June...

I cannot apologise enough for litterally dropping off the face of the Earth for the past 3 weeks. I mentioned a while back I had a few trips to the Lake District coming up. Well, I have (surprisingly) lived to tell the tale, and so I shall!

The first trip I went on was for a week long trip with my school, as a way of 'bonding us together before our senior year' only me being me, I managed to fall out with half of my year group. Not only that but the weather was horrendous, scorching one day, pouring rain the next, then that horrid sticky humid air most of the UK was experiencing which I'll have you know is awful to walk 8 miles through! Living in the Northern hills you're pretty much used to the rain, with all the hot weather I felt like a polar bear in the Amazon - oh the imagery!  

After a week of catastrophe I returned back to school for 2 days to finish off a few exams I had (stats - went well, geog - went well, English - went well, Spanish - lets just not speak about that!) then off I popped for a weekend back in to the Lake District, in the area of Seathwaite this time. Fact for the day: Seathwaite is the wettest inhabitant place in the UK. And oh boy did it rain! If any of you watched the news, you may have heard about Yorkshire experiencing a months worth of rainfall in a day, yeah well at this point I was up to my neck stood in the middle of the River Derwent measuring it, collecting data for my Geography CAU. I spent the entire weekend drenched, which then gave me multiple illnesses. To top it off I've now broken my foot and cant put pressure on it for 3 weeks. Are you getting the feeling I've had an awful few weeks yet?

On a positive note, now that I'm permanently in bed I'll have loads of time for blogging! Especially now that IVE FINISHED MY SCHOOL YEAR! woooooooo! Roll on senior year ...save the hideous year 11 ties though please!