Saturday, 31 March 2012

Primark Rosegold Bracelet

Behold the new addition to my jewellery box, this lovely rosegoldy bracelet from Primark. To say it cost me a measly £4 It's lovely quality and looks a million times more expencive than what it was! Although they've shown up pretty colourless on camera, the tiny gems are a pale nudey-brown which against the gold metal gives a lovely colour that suits pretty much all outfits! I love that the bangle has a spring clasp too because finding bracelets that dont fall straight off my skinny little wrists is difficult! I knew when trying this bracelet on in the store and seeing all the dozens of gems sparkle under the store lights that the only place for this bracelet was my basket!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Nikon L120 Spring Nature Photography Sample

I'm not digging this new blogger bar for creating posts! You know, I probably should'nt do that so much, you know, write down my mental thought processes, soon enough you'll all just think I'm mental full stop! I thought I'd bombard you with a ton of pretty flowery photos today as my school finished at 12:00 and I found myself with hours to spare and nothing to do. There was tons of natural light and it was warm and dry outside - perfect photo taking conditions! Also, going with the Spring theme of this post, I've changed a few little bits on my layout. What do you all think? I was thinking it was about time to get rid of the jewel tone pink and bring in a few spring pastels. I'm still switching it up a bit, if you have any colour combos you wanna recommend please do so, It would be much appreciated!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Primark Summer 12 Lookbook

Feels like not so long ago I was posting about the Summer 11 Lookbook for Primark! Although you can't really compare the two, for me Primarks promo books just keep getting better and better! I popped into Primark today and caught a glimpse of a few bits featured in these photos, although most items shown are do to release at the begining of April and mid. March. I just love the entire USA vibe of the photos, it's making me crave a holiday even more! My favourite piece has to be the dress on the bottom row third along - Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, anyone? But the question is, what is your favourite?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

St Ives Olive Scrub

I'm always looking to try new things to improve my skin whether its on my face or body so I figured when seeing this St Ives Olive Scrub on the shelves I'd give it a go. It comes in a long, matte, green tube that's semi opaque - You can see the exfoliating beads inside, which I love! St Ives is popular, especially for its apricot scrub so its only natural for me to have high hopes when using any other product from the brand.

The scrub claims to be 'mild enough for frequent use' however after using this 3 times a week there's no way I'd apply it any more often. It claims to have all natural ingredients, but some of these are quite strong - paraffin and olive oil are known for being particularly nasty with sensitive skin, there's a high possibility this could cause you to break out.

Now although this claims to be a scrub, I don't find many of the jojoba esters which are the natural exfoliant the scrub uses. Its more of a thick gel like consistency with the odd grain thrown in. In a typical application to the legs you'll probably find around 10-20 jojoba esters, you could barely call it an exfoliant. I presume the majority of the esters get trapped in the tube and only the gel is dispensed. It's not all bad however, it in fact smells quite nice. But this is soon ruined by its thick consistency, lack of exfoliation, and the hideous 'film' like layer that forms after its sat on the skin for a few minutes. Overall there is no way on Earth I'd recommend this to an enemy let alone a friend.

Product - St Ives Olive Scrub
Advantage - lovely natural scent
Disadvantage - isn't what it claims to be
Availability - £5.19- All drugstores
Overall score - (2/10)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Beauty Haul

All Boots unless stated otherwise
Good Things Facial Mask - £5.99  /  Neutrogena Wave - £10  /  Schwarzkopf Gliss Shampoo - £2.09 Superdrug  /  NSpa Bath Wash - £3.00 Asda  /  Johnsons Holiday Skin 400ml - £7.15  /  Garnier Summer Body - £5.10  /  Batiste Blush - £2.99  /   Batiste XXL - £3.99  /  L'oreal True Match Powder - £8.19  /  No7 Nail Paint in 'Foxglove' - £7  /  MUA Shadows In Shade 20 & Shade 3 - £1 each Superdrug

This week I've been left generally disatisfied with my purchases. I love the L'Oreal powder, the MUA eyeshadows and Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo but other than that everything else I've tried has been pretty dissapointing. Your probably wondering why I bought 2 dry shampoos and 2 gradual tanners in the same week and to cut it straight, the XXL Batiste is shockingly awful (I plan to feature it in a post soon) and so I replaced it with Blush, one I knew I loved. After buying the Garnier lotion, I checked up on it and found that it had left a considerable amount of people with awful rashes, so I replaced it with a Johnson lotion that if I'm perfectly blunt smells awful on your skin. The Neutrogena Wave again was pretty disapointing, if you want a post just comment below. The raspberry bath gel is average and everything else has yet to be tried and tested! Although even then I decided to stupidly buy a No7 nail polish full price rather than waiting for another £5 off voucher, oh how I am silly sometimes!

Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning Wash

It was one of those moments yesterday. You know, one of those where you stand at the the soap isle sniffing several different variations of the Treacle Moon 500ml bath and shower gels until your nose can no longer detect any smell and any traces seemingly blur into one fresh, fruity scent! My favourite of the batch, which includes pomegranate, lemonade, mango, coconut, vanilla and raspberry had to be the ginger (that actually smells nothing like ginger) Instead of the stark ginger scent I expected, its more of what I imagine the 'Lemonade' smells like. Its a slight lemony scent mixed with something I can't quite put my finger on. But not the kind of lemon scent you get in cleaning solutions, this ones a sweet, sugary, sherbet lemon scent that makes you wan't to sniff it constantly! Another amazing thing about this gel is not only its sweet, pastel, lime colour, but also the bubbles it produces. For me, just the right amount. I hate having too many bubbles, but I also hate having too many, this product is perfect! Treacle Moon is a brand I'm now learning to love. I can't wait to try out the Vanilla and Mango variations as these are two of my favourite scents. However, I'll probably try them all as for £3.03 each you can't really say no!

Treacle Moon shower gels and body scrubs are exclusive to Tesco and the Treacle Moon site

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #3

Wow! does'nt feel like 5 minutes since I did last weeks wishlist, how time has flown! There are only a few bits to show today, just purely because I went on a bit of a binge yesterday and spent a bit too much money! Im not sure if I'll end up showing you in some kind of haul or whatever, but I picked up a lovely top and some other bits at the Tesco's sale - not usually a place I shop but I decided to have a look in!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Steve Madden @ New Look

As if New Look's shoes were beautiful already, the highstreet chain has gone one up and is now stocking Steve Madden! All shoes from the line are under £100 - beautiful fashion on a budget! These are a few of my personal favourites from the collection, there appears to be a shoe for every kind of person. Wedges, low heels, high heels, peeptoes and t-bars, whatever your preference Steve Madden appears to have it covered! I'm extremley excited about this line if you couldn't already tell, I can't wait to pick up a pair of those aztec wedges!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

February Favourites

February has been a D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L month for me, I'm gonna share with you the products I've been loving this month, and the things I could'nt have got through this month without! By the way, just as a warning, If anybody here is strongly affected by fingerprints on metal casing this is gonna be hell on Earth for you. I really need to start to remember to polish my nail polish bottles before I photograph them!

Nails Inc Polish in Chester Square £11
A beautiful dark raspberry colour! Don't be fooled by the colour in the bottle as it comes out considerably lighter on the nails. The only analogy I can thing of is MAC Hang Up lipstick, very dark in the bullet but like a sheer red on the lips. I bought this thinking it would be darker than Picadilly Circus that I already own, when in fact they are exactly the same (i'm not even joking) if your looking for a highstreet dupe Barry M in raspberry is also the same shade. And so to conlude this catastophe Picadilly Circus, Chester Square and Raspberry all make it into my favourite just purely because I love the colour, formulation is a whooooole other ball court.

Natural Collection Lip Liner in Ruby Rose £1.99
I've got a post coming up about the Natural Collection lip liners so I shan't say too much. A pretty pencil that can be used for both blue toned reds and pink lipsticks. Nice formulation that isn't too soft or too hard and creates beautiful lines that can be blended easily. The price isn't something to complain about either!

Collection 2000 Nail Polish in 'Shimmy Shake' £1.79
You may have seen this in a haul back in december, I forgot about it for a while but have rediscovered it this month! It's a sheer glitter polish that can be built up to an opaque gold shimmer in around 3 coats. My favourite way to wear this polish is under the Barry M crackle nail polish in Black, You'll probably see it in a NOTD soon! Like all Collection 2000 Hot Looks paints this dries soooo quickly!

Nivea Hydrocare Lipbalm £1.50ish
My final two products are from a brand I could'nt be without! I worship Nivea throughout the winter. I love all Nivea lip balms in general, but the scent on this is gorgeous. It's difficult to explain but its a clean vanillary scent I'd say. The balm applies clear and glossy and lives up to its aim for moisturising chapped dry lips!

Nivea Creme £1.40
This really has been my lifesaver all throughout the winter months. Its provides intensive moisture for all over the body. It has a light fresh scent and a whipped formula that glides onto the skin and soaks in quickly. Its available in a huge selection of bottles/tubs and sizes to take on the go. The smallest is a 30ml tub which I find perfect for taking abroad and this is the next size up, a 50ml - a perfect handbag size. I use this for my face but its perfect for any dry patches!