Friday, 2 May 2014

Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser

Aswell as being the winner of 'The Most Difficult Product To Photograph' in my own personal blog awards, the Clarins one-step cleasner was also hailed the 'Best Cleanser' from 'In Style' 2007 Best Beauty Buys. Since then it's recieved rave reviews so I figured I'd give it a go because unlike many hype skincare product this comes in at £19. It has a peachy scent to go with the coloured liquid, probably not one for those with a sensitive nose as it is quite strong. It's a nice soft cleanser to be used without water, but is extremley poor at removing eye makeup or liquid foundation. I think this is a cleanser for those who don't wear makeup on a daily basis really and so, as a beauty blogger this really wasn't worth the money. I can recommend this for those who wear very little makeup or want a simple cleanser for mornings. For those who wear much more makeup or have sensitive skin I would not recommend.

Have you ever tried this, or any other Clarin's skincare?

MAC 'Angel' Lipstick


You may recognise this lipstick from my 'What I Got For Christmas Haul'. It is was a staple in my everyday makeup look because its a gorgeous mid-pink that adds a hint of colour to the face, perfect for a dreary Winter day. It's of the 'Frost' formulation, ideally I wouldn't pick this formula but the shade was too pretty not to buy. The thing about 'frosts' are that they have a small amount of sheeny-glitter, as apposed to a glossy or a matte finish. It does feel slightly grainy on the lips and can settle in the crevices of the lips if you don't blend it out (not necessarily with a brush, fingers work well too) straight after applying. In the bullet it is a little harder and drier than your typical lipstick, but it's really not much of a problem. I know I've said a couple of negative things about this lipstick, however it is a good, easy everyday shade that stays on the lips for ages and smells pretty good too! Not sure if it's worth the £14 price tag so I'm currently looking out for a dupe to compare it to for all those who want the shade without the price. Annoyingly I lost this lipstick at school however I will undoubtedly repurchase, probably for the novelty really!

Have you tried Angel?