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GP: Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Review

Hey! I'm Becky, you may know me from MyBeautyEdit  or you may not know me at all, so let's get started!

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The Real Techniques Core collection brush set it made up of four brushes,  the contour brush, the buffing brush, foundation brush and finally a detailer brush.

At first I was slightly sceptical to buy them, simply because they were a tad pricey and you only get 4! But maybe thats just me being picky haha. Although I had heard some brilliant reviews about them, 'top quality!' and 'So dense and soft!' I just had to give them a whirl! So after bustling around in boots gathering all my money at the counter, they were in my bag! I went straight home and couldn't wait to try them out! I have to agree with the reviews they're so dense but not in the way they don't glide nicely but they weren't flimsy. They're smooth and really give a flawless look.

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Let's begin with the contour brush shall we? I personally use this brush for blush, it is a really dense, small-headed brush, good for contouring with any powders that take ya fancy. The tapered end makes it precise for application. Some people say this brush is too dense, although I disagree, It glides over my skin well and isn't difficult to apply product.

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The Buffing Brush is a fantastic brush, it is well-balanced in density and flexibility, which makes it perfect for blending liquid foundations. This brush is great for a natrual, flawless look that blends out product evenly. 

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Onto the Pointed foundation brush, although a lovely soft brush, I find its too small for me.. I personally would use this for blending concealer or perhaps even creamy eyeshadows. All in all, a good brush although it mainly sits in the brush pot for me... 

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The Detailer Brush, what a little wonder! I use this for the inner corners of my eyes or to apply subtle lip product, as I always mention- I don't use lip products often, so I mostly use it for a little bit of shiny, silver/white powder to go on the inner corners of my eyes. I occasionally use this for concealer if I'm feeling a little artsy fartsy with my make up but, brushes are such an effort to clean! Am I right or am I right? 

For £21.99 for a set of brilliant 4 brushes, its fantastic! although if I could pick and choose, I'd probably swap the foundation brush for another Real Techniques brush. My favorite has to be the buffing brush, the queen of all make up brushes.

I hope you enjoyed my little post! Thank you Rachael for letting me write to your readers, I hope I didn't babble too much :/ If you'd like to please do check out my blog

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  1. I use the Buffing brush everyday I couldn't be without it! xx

  2. I have these brushes also and there lovely quality. I find them a pain to clean like you say but there really great to use. Your review was fab, thanks for sharing! :) Xx

    Helen @

  3. I've been interested in buying this! Or more of real techniques brushes. I have their foundation brush and i adore it!

    Thanks for this review! :)
    Rosie xx

  4. Thanks for the GP Ayla! Really enjoyed doing it!
    Becky xoxo

  5. This has been on my wish list for a while :) can't wait to get them :)



  6. I have this set and absolutely love it! The buffing brush is amaaazing! xxx

  7. I've been looking at this for a long time now. I think I'll be picking it up next time I hit Boots!


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