Sunday, 9 September 2012

Update #3

ooooh its like inception!

Apologies for skipping a few days of posting, had a busy weekend! So to make up for the lack of publishing I figured I'd do you all a more personal post as I know they go down well!

I firstly wanna thank (my Oscars speech already?!) all the lovely ladies who guest posted for me last month, the posts all went down a storm and all featured within the top 8 posts of last month! I owe you guys a huge thank you too! I've had so many new followers recently and broke a few records when it comes to my blogger stats. I can be a little obsessive about the stats tool if I'm honest, so you made me a very happy girly! Unfortunate that the old interface is going soon, I hate the new one!:(

Also, I think I'm finally almost there with my new layout, I know it's a stark contrast from my old more 'monochrome' 'simplistic' layout, but I think I like it! I've had lots of nice comments from you guys about it but I'm always open to any improvements or criticism you guys have to make it any better!

And I finally got my results back! Not all of them are here, like Spanish etc. But these are my first year results so although these count to my GCSE, they're not my final grades. These are purely just the exams I took in Y10. Although as some of you may know I took a fast track Stats course so after getting a B in my CAU and an A* (which everyone was amazed at - I'm not the brightest light on the Christmas tree when it comes to math) in my exam I came out with a full A GCSE, which so far gives me two full qualifications - yay? Just in case you were curious as to what subjects I sat and whatnot I've listed them below, They were all Edexcel apart from the English which is AQA.

Religion - A*
Geography - A*
English Language - A
English Literature - A*
Physics - B
Statistics - A*+B=A

Pretty good huh? I'm trying not to get too confident as there's still a lot of exams to go! Were you guys pleased with any results you got over the Summer?


  1. Well done on your results! Mine were good, but not compared to yours:)xo

    1. Thankyou! I'm sure yours were great Izzy! <3

  2. well done on your results - they're amazing! I got my AS level results and they weren't amazing but they were ok.
    Also love the background:)

    1. thankyou! Well done on your AS level results, I can't imagine how hard they must be compared to GCSE! Are you off to uni now? <3

  3. These results are amazing! You sure be very proud of yourself :) x

  4. Keep up the good work! :) that's really awesome.

  5. They are great results, you should be really proud of yourself! xx

  6. Congrats on your results!
    I love your layout, it's so pretty :) One thing - did you know your Youtube button is a Tumblr icon? ;P


    1. Thanks! I'm in the process of switching a few things about hence the double Blog lovin' buttons, I am aware of it, I just never have time to faff around making a youtube one as the graphics take FOREVER! I'll eventually get around to it, but thankyou for bringing it up! xoxox


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