Monday, 26 December 2011

My Christmas In Photos

Quick photo summary of my household's Christmas. Taken with my new camera. The angel is my favourite tree decoration, I'm known to steal all gold coloured sweets from the chocolate tins and some lovely jewellery I recieved - The others are all self explanatory. A sort of 'What I got for Christmas' and boxing day haul up soon. How are we liking the little changes to my layout too - yay or nay?

Overall hope you all had a lovely festive season, whether you celebrate or not.


  1. ayla how did you take the 4th photo down, i love it!
    hope you had a lovely day xx

  2. It's a close up of the gold bauble 5th photo down. I just opened my aperture lense wide open and focussed the subject (the glitter). Taking the photo a few times helps because they always turn out slightly different. If you wanna try it try and use a camera with a good aperture. Mines a 5.8 so its not great, something like a 1.5 would be better! If I make no sense at all just google Bokeh photography!

    And my Christmas was great thankyou, how was yours? <3

  3. love your festive photos! they're so lovely

  4. so pretty!!

  5. thanks so much thats really useful! i'm so going to try that then i'll do a post on it if it works out! :) yes my christmas was great too thanks xx


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