Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Bit Of Blogger Community Help?

Hi! This is just a quick (and awfully unusual post for A Is For Ayla) post. Basically, Annie from Appletoothpaste is carrying out some surveys for her Masters thesis and needs 60 people to carry out the survey. I'm not sure how many she has at the moment but if you have a few minutes (it took me about 5-10 minutes!) to answer some simple questions on politics. You don't need any background knowledge on politics I should add, all becomes clear when you click the link!

I should stress that if you are to complete a survey, do one of the two links only! I'm not sure why, but Annie has directed you should only choose one!

P.s if like me you encounter problems seeing the photos, just wait a few seconds for it to show up or click the area where it should be and it'll open in a different link!

Thank You!


  1. it's just because it's an experiment, which sounds so much more clever than the whole thing actually is! thank you so much for doing this - the post and for your input! i didn't realise there were picture problems, i'll have to see if i can fix that! i honestly am so overwhelmed by the response, thank you so much. x

  2. Finished the survey, In my opinion it doesn't matter how they appear in the picture :)Don't judge a book by its cover and all that!

    Becky xoxo


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