Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back To School Haul / Whats In My School Bag 2013!


First off, apologies for the photos. I have no idea what was going on with my camera, I can assure you they didn't look like this on the camera screen! Really, I wouldn't put this up but I know a lot of people wanted to see it after the success of last years Whats In My School Bag Post, which has been in my 'Popular Posts' column every week since I posted it! I don't have as much this year as a lot of my stuff I'm carrying over, considering I bought so much at the end of year 11. Since I photographed it all I've bought a few more refill pads and basic notebooks, nothing too interesting.
The majority of my ring binders I'm taking over for last year (save the planet woo!) but I bought another one from Asda as I need another language folder. The refill pad and purple notebook are from WHSmith, they were a couple of pounds each. I've used those notebooks before and they're pretty good for the cost. The edge can bend if you're not careful though. The little black notebook was £2 from Asda. I needed a new blogging book so I picked that one up so I can keep it in my bag at Sixth. My mid year diary is from Paperchase this year, It was £8. I expected it to be much more! The quality is really good and although I'm not crazy on the print, the inside layout is one of the best I've had. 
The black pens and purple ruler are again from WHSmith, they're just simple back-ups. The pack of three pens (2 striped, 1 floral) were from Home Bargains, a store I'd never actually been in before! I saw a girl on Instagram (you know where this is going) with them and I thought they were cute, and soooo cheap! I think they were about 70p! I bought the blue hole punch while I was there too, that was £2.  The mini stapler and 'Keep Calm and Back Up' memory pen were both from Asda. And lastly, my ticket holder was from the Cath Kidston outlet at Bicester. I bought it when I went to Oxford and I love that its so colourful , very well made too!
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  1. you've got all the basics that you need there :)

  2. Nice haul! That flash drive is so freakin' cute! LOL

  3. Loving the Usb! <3
    Following you now! Great blog. Hope you follow back too :D
    Red Alice

  4. Omg that memory pen is so cute, ahah! I love back to school shopping!xx


  5. I'm so envious of you going back to school! I haven't had that exciting feeling for two years now :( lovely stationary picks x

  6. Great blog post I also did a back to school supply haul on my blog if interested take a look.

  7. the best part of going back to school! lol I really love your blog, I am a new follower could you please check out my blog?
    thank you :)



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