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July Favourites

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I find that favourites posts always take the longest to write, I always have far too much to say about the things I love. Its because of this that I haven't done a proper favourites posts in quite some time. After realising this, the stacks of products I love but haven't featured yet became apparent. As a result, this is the favourites post of all favourites posts, because these products have been my overall favourites for the past couple of months!

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser
I bought this after briefly seeing the advert one time, something I do way too often with body products. I was pretty sceptical as to how well this could work with the process being so fast. You apply this after shower gel and wash off moments later. Although not as penetrating as applying moisturiser to dry skin, the benefits are almost as good. I love that its much faster, easier and mess-free.

Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish
I won't say too much as every blogger and their dog had heard about or tried this. In the morning, it refreshes my skin and in the evening, removes every scrap of makeup without feeling harsh or irritating.

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask
Purely because of the amount of additives Soap & Glory add to their body products, I was hostile in trying any of their skincare for a while. Not reading the packaging properly then lead to the fright of my life when It turned my skin blue! I'm only presuming the product had separated in the tube meaning that at first use a thin, blue food colouring-like liquid was spread across my face which stained my face momentarily. I'm surprised I tried it again after that, but once a few issues had been smoothed out I found that the self-heating mask worked rather well and did leave my skin feeling and looking really nice.

Gucci Flora Perfume
I have posted about this in the past and so I'll keep it short and sweet. Flora by Gucci is quite strong and an 'older' perfume which can deter some people from trying it. However, once worn off a little bit it leaves a lovely musky floral scent that sticks around all day.

Essie Nail Polishes in 'Muchi Muchi' & 'Ballet Slippers'
Finding the perfect french manicure shades is like finding your shade of a drugstore foundation, absolutely impossible without buying 40 different shades. At first I discarded Muchi Muchi for being too pink but knew Ballet Slippers was the perfect shade for me. After getting a bit of colour to my skin recently I feel like Muchi Muchi really suits me. The two combined is my ultimate match!

Bare Minerals 2-in-1 Face Brush
This brush is designed in a way that you get a standard fluffy powder brush with a small, dense concealer brush on the inside. Its perfect for travelling or touching up your makeup throughout the day without carrying too much. I've recently found that Rimmel Stay Matte Powder applied on top of foundation with this brush looks absolutely flawless! Doesn't it just make you so happy when you find combinations that really work?

Natural Collection lipstick in 'Autumn Sunset'
A lot of this post has been about finding perfect shades, which continues on to lips. Again, when I first bought this I passed it off as being a nice lipstick but an unusual shade. I couldn't pick out what tones of the lipstick weren't working - I still can't to this day. However, once again after having a play around with this, I've found that applying then blotting off leaves a lovely natural shade that compliments my skintone (yellow-olive) and eye colour (blue-green) really well. It also brings out a slight pinkiness in my skin that makes me look really healthy, I've well and truly fallen in love and will be returning to Boots to bulk buy in fear of it being discontinued!

Smashbox Photo Flawless Primer Light
If you follow me on Twitter or see me post in the #bblogger chat on a Sunday night you'll already know how much I rave about this primer. Photo Flawless tends to get a bit of negative press as the 'original' version caused a lot of problems for people with oily skin. However, working on the formula Smashbox brought out the 'Light' formula, an oil-free formula. It smooths on really really well and provides a perfect base for makeup. You can read more about this in my 'Whats In My Summer Makeup Bag?' post.

What have been your favourite products this month?


  1. I find it really hard to use Ballet Slippers, it always seems to watery! It looks so nice on loads of people though so I keep trying in hope that it will work. Loved this post :) xx

  2. Great Favourites!
    I want to try the Nivea In Shower moisturiser im such a lazy girl and i love how quick and easy this sounds haha

    Natalie xx

  3. The Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish sounds amazing. I like the look of that perfume too. Great reviews! X

    Helen @

  4. i really want ballet slippers- its so gorgeous!

  5. I love FLora by Gucci!! It's one of my favorites perfumes ever! I really want those Essie nail polishes!! Ive been obsessed with neutrals and these ones would be perfect for me!!

  6. Anonymous28.7.13

    Great favourites!


  7. I'm a huge fan of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Sunday Hun xoxo

  8. That Smashbox primer looks amazing! I would also love to try the Soap and Glory facemask.

    Jodie x

  9. I reaaallly need to get around to buying a cleanse and polish! They sound amazing

  10. Great favourites, I love the Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser it makes moisturising so much quicker x

  11. I love the essie polishes they are gorgeous colours! The nivea body moisturizer looks so nice! :)


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