Thursday, 24 November 2011

Wardrobe Organisation Tips & Tricks!

Im quite lucky in that I have a really large wooden wardrobe (think Narnia wardrobe) which means I can fit tons of clothes in aswell as storage in the bottom. As for the actual clothes themselves Im a fan of orderly and ocd-ified. But please tell me i'm not the only girl that colour coordinates their wardrobe. My friends all think its so wierd and obsessive but I cant imagine it messy and unorganised! It would make opening the wardrobe in the morning a chore, which all fashion bloggers know is a girls worst nightmare! In my opinion colour coordination is key if you find your self constantly wondering "does this go?" "can I wear this with this?" Organisation helps because you can clearly see just by looking at this picture BAM pastel pink goes with biege, claret goes with amber and black in no way goes with purple. Try it out, see how you feel about it. Remember, you can always keep changing it until you find a method that works best for you!

As for shoes I just throw mine in storage boxes in the bottom of my wardrobe. Im not really a person with a passion for shoes, my money goes more into clothing and makeup. Im not a fan of 9 inch stilletos either, my highest pair are a river island pair at 6 inches but I NEVER bother wearing them, its way too much effort. I prefer pretty but comfy. This is probably why I spend my life in ballerina flats, my TOMS and my uggs which you can see up in the picture. I do have some kind of theory to my shoe throwing however, it tends to be sandals and boots in one storage box and all others in another with my expencive shoes in their boxes lined up at the side.

These are some of my favourite bits in my wardrobe.


  1. i love that i'm not the only one ocd about wardrobe organisation! i don't colour co-ordinate my wardrobe though, but rather into sections of skirts|dresses|tops|jackets|cardigans|schoolwear!
    great post:) xxx

  2. Jealous of your Nania wardrobe!! Mines a tiny university one!!
    Love the blog, am now following!
    Please check my blog out, im new-ish to blogging so a follow back would be greatly appreciated!
    Lo xxx

  3. Great post! I'm constantly reorganizing my closet, it's an addiction!

    Gabby :)

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! It's so nice to hear that someone finds it interesting! I will be keeping on top of your blog from now on:) love lo xxx

  5. Anonymous26.11.11

    Love your blog and the clothes you have :) love the denim jacket and peacock dress they would look really nice together :)
    Jordan x

  6. Anonymous26.11.11

    I definetly have a bit of ocd in me. I have 3 wardrobes and they're all in colour order, I do try to keep my shoes in colours and types too but sometimes it's just too hard, especially when you have so much!
    I have the Primark flamingo dress too, I've worn it twice to festivals but was thinking of breaking it out for work.....maybe. Love your blog, now following xxx

  7. Wow, love your style, especially that peter pan collar white blouse (:

    Also the top banner on your page is awesome. It reminds me of these cute but gory cartoons on tumblr, with the haunted children(this is probably not a good way to describe it) x

  8. i definitely need to sort out my wardrobe, i just never have the motivation to do it as i have way too many things to sift through. ahaha, i love that you referenced your wardrobe to Narnia by the way :)


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