Friday, 11 May 2012

Primark S/S 12 Swimwear Lookbook

I know a lot of people like these posts, so whenever I can I try and find some Primark promotional photos from their host. I was lucky enough to get my hands on these! Again rolling with the American theme that we saw in their clothing lookbook for this season, I think this from a visual aspect is really pleasing! The actual swimwear for me, not so much im afraid. Saying that I am really rather picky with my swimwear. A few weeks ago I saw a blue zigzag monokini in store that unfortunately I couldnt get my hands on, it would have been great if they'd have featured that in this lookbook, because it really was a lovely piece. There are a few bits that catch my eye, although I'm actually more drawn to the accessories which look really good for this season. Which are your favourite bits?


  1. I really love their funky sunglasses in Primark I saw some strawberry ones but then decided not to get them :( wish I did though! xxx

  2. Love the aztec bikinis, not so much a fan of the glasses though! x

  3. I love their bikinis but the glasses are way to out there for me :)


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