Saturday, 2 June 2012

A is for Ayla is 1!

Hey! Long time no post! Hopefully this will make up for it, because I'm really rather proud to announce my baby is 1 year old today! No, I'm not a 15 year old with an all screaming, all kicking delight, but instead my rather lovely safe haven, A Is For Ayla has its first birthday today!

If you asked me then if I would still be blogging I probably would have said no. I've never really been one to stick with things for long. But I believe whats kept me going is your lovely feedback and comments, and of course my ever growing number of followers! As of this moment I have 225 followers - far more than I could ever have expected to gain in just a year. So to keep it quick, I'd like to thank you all my wonderful readers, and hopefully you'll see many of these similar posts in years to come!


  1. Happy blogiversary! Haha, I liked that: "No, im not a 15 year old with an all screaming, all kicking delight"
    Keep blogging! :)x

  2. happy blogiversary! your blog is lovely :) xx

  3. Happy Blog Birthdaayy! :) haha i actually thought for a split second you did have an all screaming all kicking delight :P xx

  4. Aww happy blogiversary! :)


  5. Congratulations ! I hope to make it to that many followers one day.


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