Thursday, 4 April 2013

February & March In Photos!

Pancake Day feels like it was so long ago / favourite brushes atm / cheeky / had my hair cut off:'( / heres some hills / he tried to imitate my eyebrows - SCOUSE! / love this campaign in Company / snow / I think this was a party face / it took like 10 days to melt:'( / sunset / prom dress sneak peek / so warm indoors, heaven / my school photos came back - tragic / cutest easter treats ever / fotd outtakes / might have pulled a few sickies / my empties were unreal this month / neon pink lips / favourites sneak peek!

Some of these photos feel like they were so long ago but I merged the photos for February and March together, short month, exam season and all that. Highlights include: Shrove Tuesday, Finished Project 50 Pan, Buying my prom dress and Easter! The worst bits: snow, my tragically photoshopped and unrecognisable school photo and having about 7 inches lopped off my hair!

How was your month?

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