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Top 15 Products Under £15: UK Drugstore And High End!

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Always one for a good drugstore dupe I decided I wanted to do a 10 under £10 post, although truth is I have way more than 10 drugstore favourites. In the end I settled for 15 beauty products I think are worth their under £15 price tag.

Soap & Glory Products
The whole of the Soap & Glory line are, in my eyes, worth every penny! 95% of their products are under £15. Famous for their scents, S&G cover everything from cosmetics and skincare to bodycare and bathing products. Some of my favourites are pictured, as you can see 'original pink' is definitely my favourite scent!

Hollister Body Sprays
Again a generalisation as in my opinion all of the Hollister body sprays are worth the £12 price tag. Me and my friends between us have every scent and we love them all! They're very strong and linger like an EDT and so are a perfect alternative to perfumes which can be expencive if youre wearing them daily.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
If I was allowed to use only one product for the rest of my life it would be Batiste's 'Blush' Dry Shampoo. I love the lightly fluffy texture and movement it gives my hair. Plus, for those who are lazy when it comes to washing hair it's main purpose is to absorb excess oils! Probably the cheapest and most effective hair product on the market at £3-£4

Garnier Intensive Aloe Moisturiser
I realised not so long ago I haven't ever posted about this amazinggg moisturiser by Garnier. It smells really fresh and clean and is the best and most intensive moisturiser I've used. Once applied after a bath it leaves my skin so soft! There are so many moisturisers on the market but I won't ever use another after this one! 400ml £5

Lush 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel
A bit of an awkward one I can appreciate, but Lush's Christmas LE shower gel is probably my favourite (up there with S&G ones) and each year I stock up on Snow Fairy's sweet-candy scent. In terms of lathering and cleansing its pretty average but for me the scent itself is worth £10.25 (biggest bottle)!

Eyelure False Lashes
False lashes are usually reserved for special occasions for most people, however their 'Individual Lashes' in particular are a firm favourite for everyday wear. Eyelure are the only brand I'll ever buy lashes from, their glue is much better than others too! Depending on the style they cost between £5-£9 and I know of people who reuse their strip lashes 2 or 3 times, making them work out much cheaper even still!

Collection 2000 Lip 'Cream Puffs'
A pretty new discovery for me, Collection 2000's 'Cream Puffs' are light mousse-like lip colours that are incredibly pigmented and stay for hours. Its become a favourite product of mine, that says a lot considerring I'm a huge lip product hoarder! £3

Essie Nail Polishes
I know a lot of people have mixed views on Essie as they are on the higher side of drugstore nail polishes. I can agree that sometimes their sheer shades can be a bit of a waste of money yet their brighter or more coloured shades are some of the best nail polishes on the market. It was a hard decision choosing whether to feature Nails Inc or Essie in this spot, It's only the cost aspect that pushed Essie up a bit! My favourites (pictured) are Orange Its Obvious and Ballet Slippers.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Another £4.20 staple for most bloggers. This concealer is thick in consistency and so covers blemishes better than anything else. Used carefully it also works well as un ender eye concealer!

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Chocolate Bronzer
I had a love-hate relationship as this product takes a bit of 'getting used to'. Once working past the initial 'film' on to of the product, it offers a smooth, pigmented and natural coloured formula. I tend to use this for contouring and Nars for bronzing purely because Bourjois is a little harder in consistency and so defines cheekbones and temples better, however the shades (52 & Laguna) are pretty much the same, amazing £9 dupe!

Maybelline 'Falsies' Mascara
My all-time favourite mascara! A definite drugstore holy grail product, this mascara lengthens, defines and curls my lashes amazingly without clumping or flaking. It lasts all day and is really buildable! £8

Korres Lip Butters
I know a lot of people aren't keen on paying big money for lip balms like Nuxe or Korres as many cheaper alternatives such as Carmex or Palmers do the job 'just fine'. I used to be exactly the same although after taking the plunge and paying £8 I hate using anything else! They apply easily and smoothly, offer slight pigmentation and tons of shades. I get asked a lot about sourcing, I buy mine at Waitrose!

Barry M Nail Polishes
Again another general product. Barry M nail polishes have always been a staple to most bloggers. For their strong pigmentation, ease of application and £3-4 price tag. Personally, I think they can be hit and miss. Having said that there glitters (my favourites) are better than any other brand I've tried!

Origins Super Spot Remover
I feel like the hype over this £13 miracle worker has drifted off. If you don't already own this spot treatment gel a) where have you been b) buy one, pronto! As a person with few spots anyway, this clears up my skin so much within 2-3 days!

Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara
Okay this is a little bit of a cheat as the product pictured is a mini size costing £9, rather than the full sized £18.50. However, if you aren't a fan of paying high for mascaras, the mini size is perfect! I picked this one up purely just to try it out before committing to £18.50. It's a great, dark mascara however I'm not a fan of the plastic brush so I'd rather buy small tubes for £9 every so often than £18.50 plus a whole lot of product waste every 3 months.

What are your top products under £15?


  1. Really agree with you about the Collection concealer, it's amazing x

  2. I love a lot of these products too! Especially the body products, which I don't think I'd pay more than £15 for, because there are ones in boots that are lovely and cheap :)xo

  3. Fantastic post, so many products I agree with you about :) I love Soap & Glory, Barry M and the Collection 2000 concealer especially! xx

  4. It's really refreshing to see someone else finds the Barry M polishes hit & miss - I thought I was the only one on the planet!!!! I also really like their glitters though :-)

    Tania Xx

  5. wow, amazing products! *_*

  6. practically love all those products!


  7. definitely agreed with the they're real, even if it is a bit of a cheat! also love the garnier moisturiser, you can get it a lot cheaper in places like wilkos too! x

  8. Have always wondered about the hollister sprays. They smell amazing but have never tried one because of the price tag. Might give one a go if the staying power is good like you said
    Kirsty x


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