Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sally Hansen 18Hr Lipgloss in 'Clear Pink'

Now when you mention Sally Hansen nails would usually come to mind. However, alongside the wonder-working base and top coats there is also a large range of other cosmetics. One of my all time favourite lip glosses comes from this collection. 'Optimistic Opal' which I may have mentioned before is more a of a sheer nude which you might come across in another review soon. But for today it's all about the 'Clear Pink'

The lip gloss is a sheer, almost coral pink with hints of gold shimmer running throughout. Its quite like the Bare Escentuals lip gloss in 'Destiny' I always rave about but with less pigment. One of my favourite things about the Sally Hansen glosses is there amazing formulation. They are not sticky one single bit and are some of the most long-lasting I've tried. The packaging is pretty unusual too coming to think of it. The majority is a sort of glass-like plastic which makes the product rather heavy but therefore appearing more expensive. One negative is the availability of Sally Hansen cosmetics. They aren't widely available in stores but are pretty easy to find online.

Product - Sally Hansen 18Hr Lip gloss in 'Clear Pink'
Advantage - A long-lasting product and a possible dupe for BE 'Destiny'
Disadvantage - Packaging is chunky and quite heavy
Suits - Warm toned skin
Pigmentation - Mediocre, but the shimmer is lovely
Availability - $4.95 when shipped from USA / Also readily available on eBay
Overall score - (6/10)

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  1. I LOVE this lipgloss i may have to buy some now :) xx


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