Thursday, 2 May 2013

Flora By Gucci Perfume

Perfume posts can be some of the hardest to write purely because scents are a very personal thing and it's hard to convey your thoughts through words. Annoyingly 'flora' is the group of fragrances, to which there are quite a few different branch scents. Even more annoying is the fact they don't tell you which is which. The amount of research that has had to go in to this post is unreal. As far as I can gather, the 'flora garden' group is broken down in to 4 different scents, which are tinted in 4 different colours. The scent I have should be referred to the gold plaque, which represents the 'Mandarin' scent. The black plaque caused much confusion at first but is actually the same scent, just different bottle *ahem* annoying and pointless.

It's definitely not one for those who like fruity, light or girly scents such as the Juicy Couture perfumes. Although both floral, you really cannot compare this to something like Flowerbomb which is quite sweet and sickly. It's a very musky scent and for some people might be really overpowering, quite unusual for a floral too. It's hard to pick out the notes in scents in general but is even harder with this perfume. Apparently its top notes are citrus (mandarin) and peony with sweet floral heart notes like rose and base notes of pink pepper and sandalwood. You do get a slight citrus and the 'peppery' almost musky scent comes through too. Gucci describe this as a 'sensual and intense floral fragrance' and I can agree with that. It is an 'older' more 'mature' perfume, odd for a 16 year old girl I know. I'm a bit of a collector and so I love to have a variety of different groups of fragrances, I think it's good to have a perfume for every occasion.

This is one of my favourite perfumes, what is yours?


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  2. these sound so great, ive not seen these about ill have to look more! :)

  3. This one of my favourite perfumes ever too. Only have a tiiiny bit left now too :( I love Bulgari Jasmine Noir, deff have a sniff next time you're in Boots :) xx


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