Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dealing with unwanted hair: boots hair lightener

Unwanted hair isn't really the most glamourous of topics, but it sure involves being and feeling beautiful! Being mixed race with one side of my family being Eastern I've struggled with having fairly pale skin and dark hair all throughout teenage years. I'm sure this is a thing a lot of people experience, having dark noticable arm hair, 'the shadow', dark facial hair it can all dramatically affect your confidence, as I know all too well! I've tried dozens and dozens of bleaching creams from the higher end to the nifty online ones and the Boots Smooth Care range has been an absolute God send! I've used their hair removal cream too for all the areas I don't want hair, it's pretty average does the job just fine! But their lightener is what keeps me crawling back to the Boots stand!

Upon application it's just like any other cream or lotion, goes on smoothly, coats the skin in a thick layer and has no burning or itching sensation (they say if you experience this you must remove immediately) Your supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, scrape a bit off with the spatula and if the hair isnt fully bleached you should leave it for a further 5 minutes. I found 10 minutes sufficient time to bleach my arm hair. After around 3-4 minutes the cream changes on the skin and goes almost like a weird kind of shaving cream where it starts to bubble and go patchy, this can be very very scary (believe me, I was running around the house frantic) as it looks like your reacting negatively to it, but perseveer as I'm lead to believe this is normal.

I apply this once a month just because I'm so obssessive about treating and removing hair, although I'd say that it could easily last a couple of months between application of course depending on the state of your hair before bleaching. The box will last at least 15 applications as the amount shown above covered a whole arm. It's cheaper than most alternatives (£5.50) and almost always has some kind of offer or reduction on. So for these reasons I will most certainly repurchase this!

How do you tackle unwanted hair?


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! i'm new so its nice to see comments, i'm like 'omg, omg, someone read my blog'!!
    oh and i'm your newest follower, great blog! xox

  2. Anonymous29.8.12

    It's really good to see a review showing the actual results of a product! I'm glad this works so well for you :) x

  3. I've never heard of hair lightener before and it appears as though it works a treat!

  4. this looks really good, i have really dark hair on my arms, i'm definitely gonna look into this!

  5. Didn't even know this existed! Great review, will definitely give this a bash inbetween epilating :) x


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