Thursday, 15 January 2015

Oxford & Cambridge Open Days (ft. Touristy Rachael)

(so apparently I forgot to publish this, all those many months ago!)
So if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know in July I went through the entire Oxford and Cambridge open days process, it was tiring to say the least. I'd visited Oxford several times before and always enjoy it, Cambridge I can only say was an experience. Sometimes you don't quite realize the differences between the North and the South until you find yourself part of a group of 60 Northern 17 year olds conferring "its so flat, the ground, its so flat" "is that the sea? oh no its just the horizon" god knows how I'll cope not living in the Northern countryside. 
Although the trip was mainly educational, we did fit in a few touristy things - even if they were of a nerdy nature. On our way back from a lecture at the Oriental Institute, me and a friend (who will be studying Japanese, as I am Chinese) bobbed in at the Ashmolean Museum for research purposes. 
Quite a few of my teachers at Sixth Form were Oxford & Cambridge educated, so in the evenings they took us on guided tours around the city and all the sites of importance. On several occasions, we ended us at G&Ds ice cream bar, which I'm told is pretty infamous among students. Although I didn't take any photos, my rural, Northern taste buds were introduced to a few 'delicacies', one of which included an 8am lemon sorbet, lemonade concoction. Being allergic to citrus fruit, its a wonder I made it back up North alive.

(Jan 2014 update: I didn't end up applying to either Oxford or Cambridge, although many of my friends got interviews at both Universities, and some also got places (very proud!)

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