Friday, 27 January 2012

MUA Eyeliner Review

Make Up Academy New Intense Colour Eyeliner in 'Bright Orange'

Now I know your probably sat thinking a medley of 3 words - orange, eyes, ill then probably followed by a 'is she crazy?!' or a similar alternative. You may have noticed that in an earlier post I asked for your recommendations on orange lipsticks and I came across this MUA eyeliner along my search. Now there is no way I'd even think about wearing this on my eyes out in public, its purely for the lips. I figured it would be a good way to see how orange lips work on me, especially since it cost me just £1, much less than the MAC and Topshop lipsticks I'm hoping to try.

Now when MUA say intense colour, they mean it. Although I'll admit, I'm not as fond of the colour as I had hoped to be. It's just a little too red for my liking - I was looking for a tangerine orange and it appears my hunt is still on. Nonetheless, this is a great piece to have in my collection. I shall continue to use as a liner for not only orange lipsticks, but for yellow toned reds too! The texture is creamy but not so soft you cant get a clean line around the lips. It's not one single bit drying, in fact it almost feels like its adding moisture to my lips. I'm in complete awe over this product, but I'll be honest one  big downer for me is the fact that this slides when its on the lips so it means after eating, drinking and general wear you'll have to top up the centre of the lips. But its not too much of a problem because everybody knows wearing bright colours your going to have to do a bit of maintenance work along the way. Oh and is this bright!
Hmm, what do we think? I'm not convinced I love it

Product - MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in 'Bright Orange'
Advantage - On trend orange lips for only £1
Disadvantage - Slips a little on the lips
Suits - Oranges are difficult to pull off, try it and make a personal judgement against your skin tone.
Pigmentation - Extremely strong, cannot fault!
Availability - £1 - Only at Superdrug 
Overall score - (8/10)


  1. I think this looks lovely, I'm tempted to try it myself! x

  2. Lol how fun is this? I had to do a bit of a double take when you said eyeliner and then it was on your lips. It is def better on the lips! Did it taste yuk though??


    1. It didnt taste of anything really, it just had a bit of a lipsticky smell!

  3. WOW... that orange is very intense... looks gorgeous on you :D

  4. the colour is great

  5. I think this colour really suits you Ayla, and what a bargain!
    Robyn x

  6. i actually love this on you ayla, may have to pop to superdrug hehe xoxo


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