Thursday, 19 January 2012

No7 Eye Blend & Contour Brush

A few days ago I hauled the No7 Eyeshadow Blend And Contour Brush and now that I've had a few days to test it out I figured I'd go into a little more detail for you all. If your looking at this brush thinking you could probably get away with buying this 1 brush for your allover colour, your blend and your contour you are very much mistaken. The brush is purely a blending brush for me, applying any colour with this would be impossible. For me, buying No7 brushes is not a frequent thing, I only ever buy them discounted using the £5 off vouchers Boots issue around 4 times a year. My initial thought of the brush was 'OMG these bristles are sooooo soft!' I then proceeded to run around my house swiping it across my family's faces shouting 'feel how soft this is' - as you do. Then I read the wallet and realised why - natural hair. I can now understand why these brushes average at £8 a pop. It almost made me feel quite bad for neglecting these brushes earlier because of their price. I'd defiantly buy more.
The brush comes in a plastic wallet style thing (almost like a very tiny pencil case) which if I were you I'd keep hold of because I'd imagine its quite good for travelling with. You can fit at least 5 brushes in there. One of the only downsides of this product for me is the handle, its quite short and much thicker in comparison to my other Mac, Estee Lauder and EBay brushes. Its takes a bit of getting used to. Also if I'm gonna be extremely picking the large writing across the handle doesn't do much for me either. It would look a lot less tacky if the font was a little smaller. (My gosh reading that back I sound like such a little tit bit!)
At first use, the brush shed no hairs. The hairs are tapered which would suggest it would be great for contour however it just doesn't do the trick for me. Blending only. The head itself is very dense yet soft on the eyes, I find it works amazingly for blending out colour on the lower lash line, banishing the harsh lines and tying the entire look together. Overall I can announce that this is a definite favourite for me, I'm in love!

*On another note, can anybody recommend me a good orange lip gloss or lipstick? I mean like full on tangerine orange. The nearest I've found is MAC Sheen Supreme in 'Sheer Mandarin' any suggestions?


  1. I've given you the liebster blog award! Please check out my post on it for details!:-)xx

  2. I have this brush and i use it almost everyday to blend my eyeshadow in! For the price i've been so impressed with it.

    My favourite orangey toned lipstick is Topshop's - Infrared. My friend has got the nudey-orange shade called "Desert" and thats a lovely one too.
    Barry M's coral one is really nice in colour but it is a little drying :)


  3. love it! xo

  4. Im considering getting this brush now ive had my eye on it for a while! +i have a 5pounds of voucher:) oh and i have given you the versatile blogger award! you can go to my blog for all the information!xoxo

    1. Thanks for the award, its lovely of you. I always find the vouchers are best spent on makeup brushes or eyelash curlers, its a cheap investment in a product that lasts much longer than any eyeshadow or cleanser! <3

  5. Anonymous24.1.12

    i love your blog
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  6. I love these brushes! I love your blog btw, came across it earlier. I am now following :)

  7. Hey thanks for the review
    i was at boots today and they gave me the £5 off no7 products voucher
    Il be buying this tomo!


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