Thursday, 12 January 2012

Primark S/S 2012

Orange Limited Edition maxi dress £20 in stores February / Wedge shoes £16 in stores March / Floral dress £17 in stores February / Yellow skinny belt £2 in stores January
Contrast sleeve floral blouse £12 in stores December / Coral Trousers £12 in stores January / Printed court shoes £10 in stores December / Contrast tipped collared blouse £10 in stores January / Turquoise trousers £12 in stores January / Nude purse bag £6 in stores March / Animal print heels £14 in stores April
Green shirt dress £17 in stores January / Bird print shift dress £13 in stores January
Car print blouse £8 in store February / Car print pleat skirt £12 in store February / Spotted Blouse £10 in stores December / Yellow chinos £11 in stores February / Skinny belt £2 in store January / Court shoes £10 in stores December
Contrast blouse £8 in stores December / Chino city shorts £9 in stores March / Skinny belt £2 in stores January / Wedge shoes £20 in stores April
Floral dress £17 in stores January / Rope belt £2 in stores December / Bag £8 in stores February / 

The Verdict:
Overall I'm not crazy over this lookbook, which is unusual for me since im such a die hard Primark fan. The styling is good as its taken into account the biggest Spring trend thats sort of 'Cruise Collection' inspired (see Versace S/S) however, I think it could have been better. In my opinion, some of these pieces are just plain ugly e.g pictures 7 & 9. YUCK! I'd say the only nice pieces are picture's 8 & 11. Although i'll give primark kudos for their colour schemes, which to me look pretty spot on. Orange is the top colour for spring aswell as coral and turquoise close behind.

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  1. Anonymous12.1.12

    I'm pretty impressed with most of the items to say it's Primark, I agree a couple of them are awful outfits but individually the items look ok xxx

  2. I love the 4th and 11th outfit,i always struggle to find things in the primark stores though :/ xx

  3. I have to say it does look like a lookbook of a more expensive brand, Primark have done well! there are a few items I'm not fond of though. xxx

  4. Love the orange maxi dress. Great post:)

  5. NOOO WAY i cannopt believe they have alookbook, i hope this all goes into the stores by me as i love the shirt and the dress ::) cute post xxx

  6. wow ! primark has some great pieces comming into the shop !
    thanks for sharing this :)

  7. loving the orange maxi! cute post. x

  8. I like it although the thing is I can never ever ever find any of these clothes in Primark... either I've seriously gone blind or everyone likes the clothes -_- hahaah

    I hope I can find any of those dresses!

    ~Hannah xx


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