Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bare Minerals Starter Kit

Now if your a long term reader of mine you may have noticed that I dont post much about liquid makeup, infact I never post about liquid makeup. This is purely because I stick to just minerals for my base, and of course I had to try the master of all mineral makeup, Bare Minerals. I opted for the starter kit so I could try a few different bits. The kit contains (in order on the left photo) a 'Tinted Mineral Veil', a 'Hydrating Mineral Veil', an 'Illuminating Mineral Veil' and the original 'Mineral Veil'

TL-BR - 'Translucent Mineral Veil', 'Illuminating Mineral Veil', 'Hydrating Mineral Veil', 'Tinted Mineral Veil'

Translucent Mineral Veil
  • Your basic translucent finishing powder
  • Slightly pinky toned in the jar, but perfectly transparent on the skin
  • Really is just your standard high end translucent powder.
  • Stays matte for around 6-7 hours
  • Would recommend, however not for those looking for something groundbreaking

Illuminating Mineral Veil
  • Pale peach toned powder with finely milled purple/silver glitter
  • applies nicely on a whole, but like all loose highlighters, the glitter drops onto your jaw
  • I'd most recommend applied to the cheek bones. If on the nose or brow bone be prepared to buff it out quite a bit because it does apply very pale and stark.
  • Overall a lovely powder, personally I dont use this for everyday, its a nicer product for special occasions and in photographs!

Hydrating Mineral Veil
  • Typically the original mineral veil, although I like this much more
  • More yellow toned, wouldnt recommend for dark skin
  • Slight orange/yellow toned shimmer which gives a dewy appearance when applies all over the skin
  • Not sure on the 'Hydrating' qualities, it does feel much nicer than most powders I've used
  • Can easily be used on an everyday basis
  • Overall, my favourite of the 4

Tinted Mineral Veil
  • Dark in the jar, however applies very subtle
  • Very buildable colour
  • Good for the 'I've just returned from the Bahamas' look as its subtle and gives all over even colour
  • No shimmer, adding to the effect
  • I use it for my neck and collarbone area as these are unusually pale compared to my olive toned body and face, as its subtle it gives the illusion of no makeup used
  • My favourite of the 4 after the 'Hydrating' variation

L-R - Tinted, Illuminating, Hydrating, Translucent
 The powders as a whole are a good investment for those looking to try out new things, or as an introduction to Bare Minerals. Obviously as they are finely milled loose powders they are a bit messy, especially the illuminating as the glitter gets everywhere! Under no circumstances turn these upside down because you will regret it. I love everything about these powders, apart from the scent. If you apply heavily, you get a horrid scent thats very unusual and different from the one you get with other cosmetics. Its hard to describe but of course I would prefer it with the powders were without. Also, just to add in at the end, these are not cakey and are great for covering dry skin as they don't cling! One of the other things I find kinda cute about the starter kit, apart from the diddy little 0.75g pots is the tiny 'Flawless Face Brush' it comes with, its completley impracticle but so so cute!

For this kit £21.50 is the usual price
For a 6g pot of any of the 4 the price is £6
The 'Flawless Face Brush' retails at £12


  1. oooh i'm really interested in trying bare minerals! have you tried the foundation? :) xx

  2. This seems like a really nice set to get started with xo


  3. This seems really good, i love my BB cream, but im really tempted by this! :)


  4. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?


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