Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo in 'Mocha Latte'

It feels like ages since I bought this trio from Natural Collection at Boots, when in fact its only been a few months! My only justification for feeling like I've had this a life time is because I used it day in day out all the time! And so for that reason I guess it would only be suitable if I did a quick post on it, no?

The Natural Collection was really the first ever makeup line I discovered, for those looking for basic makeup in basic shades at bargainous prices this should be your Mecca! I had tried everything from their powders to lipsticks to concealers. Their Lash Length mascara I reviewed here has always been a personal favourite so it triggered me to try a few more of their eyes productsconsiderring most white eyeshadows don't have great pigmentation. The mocha however is what makes me fall in love with this product! Its a beautiful soft mid-brown that blends so well and looks gorgeous on the outer corner and crease.

I have no doubt that these will impress anyone that tries them. The only things that could possibly upset a preson about this duo is its texture. The Natural Collection eyeshadows are very soft, which in turn creates a bit of fall out - not a massive problem just a bit of a faff! But there is a plus side! as there so soft the shadows blend beautifully making them perfect for complex eye makeup with numerous colours. As they are soft you'd expect them to crack and ruin when dropped, however there's more chance of the pan falling out of the plastic casing than the shadow falling out of the pan. Ive had this for a while and its been through multiple knocks and bumps and has managed to survive them all.

Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo in 'Mocha Latte'
Available exclusively from Boots £1.99
Overall Rating - 8/10

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  1. These look so cool :) I might have to pick one of these up!
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