Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blogger Button Swap

Hey! For forever I've been meaning to make this post however I never quite managed to get round to it. Basically, I'm starting the Blogger Button Swap. If you don't know what it is, basically its just like blogger advertising but for free. You make a button (like the one displayed in my sidebar) and send the code to me. Alternatively you can just send me the image and I'll hyperlink it if you struggle with HTMLs. Once your blogger button is on my sidebar, my readers have direct access to your blogger page, business page or whatever you want to link. As your part of the deal, you then grab the HTML code in my sidebar, add it in to a HTML gadget and pop it in the sidebar on your blog!

I would ask that you make your buttons between 200 and 250 wide just purely because I like my blogger sidebar to look uniform. If sizing it too much of an issue I can do it quickly for you, however I need the image to be sent rather than the HTML code. I will check your blogs, businesses or pages just purely to make sure they comply with the style of my blog and the image I set to give to my readers. The button swap is completley free for blogs aswell as small businesses or organisations (I don't believe in the making or losing of money through my site for individuals or businesses)

To apply for the blogger button swap simply send me an informal email at with your site URL. Once I've approved the site we can go ahead and swap HTML's and the deal is done! If you have any queries or questions again, send them to my email and I'm more than happy to help. Emails are usually replied to within 12 hours.

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