Monday, 25 February 2013

Featured Blogger #6 - February

It feels like forever since I posted about my last featured blogger. Since then, you may have noticed I now have a past featured bloggers link on my sidebar where you can easily access the blogs of all A Is For Ayla featured bloggers! I figured it was much easier than going through the related posts widget. This month, my featured blogger is Jayde from Je M'apparel which is an amazinggggggg 'all-round' blog. She posts about everything from beauty to fashion with a bit of music and personal posting thrown in too! Her outfit posts are some of my biggest inspiration here on Blogger. I would recommend you have a look at her blog because theres a chance that it will soon become one of your favourites, quite like it did with me!

When and why did you initially start blogging?
I initially started blogging in around October last year. Once I started working full time I finally had the money to buy more expensive beauty products but I'm the kind of girl who won't buy anything until I've read 800000 reviews and that's when I discovered beauty blogs. After a couple of months following beauty blogs I decided I'd like to share my passion too and also thought it would be a great creative outlet for me as I used to love photography and writing. I was nervous at first that people who know me would judge me but I haven't looked back!

Do you have any tips or ideas for someone wishing to start a successful blog?
Just be yourself, there are a lot of beauty blogs out there so you need to stand out to be remembered, but the best way to stand out in a sea of beauty blogs is to just be you. By being yourself you will automatically stand out because some one out there will connect with you, if you try to be the same as some of your favourite bloggers then you're just another girl.

Do you feel you've taken anything out of being part of the blogger community?
The greatest thing about the blogging community is how great and friendly everybody is, if I need any advice I know that the blogging community will be willing to help. Instead of feeling judged and isolated when I first started blogging I felt welcomed and already part of a great community. Obviously as well I have learnt so many tips and tricks to do with beauty and I just wanna keep learning more!

What are your 5 favourite products right now?
At the moment I am really focused on skincare, my skin hasn't been at its greatest recently and so I'm trying to get it back to it's best so my five favourite products right now are:-

1. Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask by Lush
2. NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil
3. Tea Tree Water by Lush
4. Bioderma Sensibo H2O
5. NUDE Radiant Day Moisturiser

I know these are all skincare products and I NEVER blog about skincare because my skin is never stable enough to actually know what a product is doing for it because I swap and change so much so now I'm using these products as a fixed routine and my skin has been improving daily, I'll be blogging about these soon!

Who are your 5 favourite bloggers right now?
1. Chelsea at The Dauphine - I have been a fan of Chelsea's blog for so long, her photography is beautiful and her reviews are to the really informative and useful!
2. Hannah Maggs at A Little Beauty Spot - I love how Hannah's blog is a mix of lifestyle and beauty combined with great tutorial videos as she is newly a make up artist.
3. Em Sheldon at Em Talks - Em is a really refreshing down to earth northern girl who has had great opportunity's to share with us recently!
4. Laura at TINY TWISST - Laura has an amazing sense of style and is so gorgeous!
5. Maddie Elizabeth at Maddie Elizabeth - Maddie also has an amazing sense of style and I regularly see her styling pieces of clothing that I have had no clue how to style myself, great for inspiration!

Where can we find you?
My twitter is @rileyjayde
My instagram is also @rileyjayde
I'm also on weheartit @rileyjayde, yep you guessed it!

Any final words of wisdom?
If you come over to my blog be sure to leave your links, I love checking out new blogs!


  1. She's gorg. Love her lips. I feel that bloggers are the best reviewers out there, and I won't buy anything unless I've read reviews either.
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