Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Origins Super Spot Remover Treatment Gel

Now unless you're new around town I'm pretty sure you've already read at least 6 reviews on this same product but I figured I'd give my penny on it. All throughout late 2012 this was hailed as a miracle product for those with spots (or in some cases acne) as it apparantly healed said blemishes within 2 days!! Now of course with claims like that you can't help but be skeptical and to be honest I didn't believe a word of it, well that was then and this is now. I'll start off with a big fat declaration of my absolute LOVE for this product. I'm not at all a spotty person (shocking really considerring I'm in my mid-teens) but whenever I had a small 'arising' I'd just pop on a thin layer of this at the top before I went to bed and by the morning it was barely noticable, even to my own maticulous eye. This generally means completely invisible to any other normal person btw.

Usually I'm not a fan of gel treatments purely because they tend to contain quite a lot of alcohol which can dry your skin out baaaaad. The Super Spot Remover is no different, alcohol is second on the list of ingredients, having said that it does also contain lots of natural extracts and also caffiene, which is always good in my eyes. I'd say the only thing I dislike about this product, which is common in quite a few products in the Origins line, is the scent. It's almost woody and herbally which probably is refreshing for most people but for me just smells like I'm putting sweatshop on my face. I think the scent is a small hurdle to jump over on the path to amazing skin however, so I try to look past it.

What are your tips for dealing with spot-prone skin?


  1. I have heard so much about this product! I really want to try it!

    Paige x

  2. i have wanted to try this for the longest time as i really need it aha, but i just never get around to getting it :S xxx

  3. ive heard so many great things about this i think i need to buy it! ive been searching for a miracle spot treatment for ages! :)


  4. Anonymous2.2.13

    I have great things about this. I need to try it x

  5. i really want to try this so much!:)


  6. I really want this. I get so many spots it's unreal! I need it!Xx


  7. I nominated you for a leibster award :)

  8. I found your blog through bbloggerschat :-) really love the look of it it's so cute and girly xoxo


  9. i really must try this :) great review x

  10. This sounds perfect for me. I'm just about over my acne, but I still get 'the odd spot', and when they appear they are BIG.



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