Tuesday, 4 June 2013

100 Blogger Goals | 6 Month Update

I can't believe we're 6 months in to the year already, that means only 6 months away from next year! If you remember, back at new year I set myself 100 Blogger Goals, almost like a year long bucket list. It consisted of not only blog themed goals, but things I wanted to try, places I wanted to go ect. As were 6 months in I've decided to do a little update post so you can all see how I'm getting on.

To this date I've managed to complete 46 out of 99, so I'm pretty much on track for the date. Having said that, I have pretty large doubts in me actually completing everything off the list, fluency in 2 languages is pretty difficult to achieve, as is not using heat on my hair for a month hahah! I'm pretty thankful I've managed to get a few off my list like finding the perfect prom dress, getting 500 GFC followers, and trying lots of new, different things.

If at any other time you want to see how my challenge is progressing, click on the tab in the side bar called 'blogger goals' and you can have a look at my goals and how many I've done!

Have you ever done a similar challenge?

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