Thursday, 27 June 2013

Importing Google Reader Following List To Bloglovin'

After the whole GFC removal scare I know a lot of other social networking platforms have become a lot more popular, the main one being Bloglovin'. It's basically just a reader, just like the 'reading list' here on Blogger. In fact, you can actually very easily import your google reader in to Bloglovin' at the click of a button. Simply sign up, use this link to import your google reader blog list and there you go! All the blogs you follow and their newest posts listed in the same format as Google, but on a safe and easy to use website. I've had an account on there for a while but never really bothered to put word out there purely because GFC did the job just fine. Just in case GFC does get replaces for Google+ (which in my opinion is pretty rubbish) my Bloglovin' link is below so you can keep up to date with all my latest posts!

Don't hesitate to send me your Bl' links!


  1. Done!

  2. thanks so much for this- lovely blushes by the way x

  3. Anonymous27.6.13

    Thank you so much! I'ddoneit before but completely forgot how to do it again!


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