Monday, 26 August 2013

W.I.P #3: Results, Spending A Fortune Y Hablo Espanol, Prometo!

Wow it really doesn't feel like three weeks since I started writing these Week In Photos posts! This week was pretty much school orientated. If you read my previous post you'll know on the Thursday it was 'Results Day' which meant going back to school (which yes, meant spending 20 minutes finding room 14 because I got lost in my own school). It was a weird as a lot of people looked at me differently, as if I'd massively changed in two months. I haven't changed at all in my eyes! 
As soon as Thursday came my life suddenly moved at 100mph. I collected my results and was whisked off to enroll at a sixth form. It was all so quick I never really got to say bye to a lot of people. I start sixth form in a week so we went straight to Preston then the Trafford Centre to pick up uniform bits. While there I managed to spend a small fortune in H&M, oops!
Skip forward a bit and I spent the majority of the weekend celebrating. It was one of my best friends birthday so we all had a little party on Saturday. It was good to finally be able to see a few more people I had missed speaking to on Results, I probably won't see a lot of them again!
Skip forward again and right now I'm sat slathered in Origins Super Spot Remover, sorting through my language files. I've been slacking on the language speaking over the Summer and will probably get the shock of my life next week when I have to plunge back in to the work. Yesterday I forgot the Spanish word for FRIDAY!?! Can you believe?! I'm definitely going to suffer! ahahah
I'd love to know what you guys have been up to recently!

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  1. Great post!! Its been a crazy weekend getting ready for college and all that but other than that its been good :)

  2. I love the floral shorts and goodluck for sixth form. I just posted a photo update on my blog but I really need to get into the habit of doing it weekly xx
    Cupcakes And Cocaine

  3. wow, great results, go you!

  4. Congrats on the results! I bet you're glad that's over with :)

    My life hasn't been much lately. Just the usual everyday routine. Nothing fun and exciting yet :)

  5. Well done with your results! I love these lifestyle posts - please keep sharing! How are you finding sixth form so far? I'm in the north west myself and have just gone into year 11 but I can't wait to get to college haha. Just followed you on bloglovin. I'd love if you could check out my blog too!
    lily x


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