Monday, 12 August 2013

Lifestyle: My Week In Photos #1

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So recently I decided rather than do one big monthly round-up post, I'd try out doing them weekly. This is the first! What a great week to start on as its probably been the least entertaining week I've had all Summer. A lot of my friends are away at some sort of camp or holiday so this week has mainly consisted of doing some blog work, including trying out a new layout. What do you think so far? Participating in my first #teenagebloggerschat was pretty nice too!
Over the weekend I went to one of the local village's annual Ag show (an agricultural show, for those who were confused by my tweets @aisforaylablog). On Sunday we decided to pop out to Cliffe Castle in Keighley, Yorkshire but were pretty surprised to see the streets lined with hundreds of people with whistles. After a few confused glances we figured out that by chance we'd decided to visit on the day of the Gala, fab! The traffic was going nowhere so we stopped for a little while. 
Continuing on with the Grand Tour of Yorkshire, we took a trip to Skipton, "the Southern gateway to the Yorkshire Dales". We wandered around for a bit passing in and out of about 50 of Skipton's soap shops and apothecaries. A routine stop at Bizzie Lizzie's chip shop (which is hands down the best in the town) later and the temperamental Yorkshire weather had become unbearable, so we cut the day short. 
I'm planning on next week being a better week. I'd like to visit the new Manchester Trafford Victoria's Secret store that opened on the 8th and I've also got a trip to good old Preston planned. Hopefully next time I can offer you some better quality photos, rather than ones from my phone.
What have you guys been up to recently?

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  1. Your cupcakes look really nice! :)

  2. love your current blog layout! those cupcakes also look delicious :)x

  3. I need to try out M&S' Blood Orange juice - sounds delicious!! I love weekly roundup's - it's great to be able to look back!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

    1. It's sooo good! They always have it on an offer too! I agree about looking back too, I laugh (and cringe!) reading some of my old roundup posts.

  4. Ye u should do them weekly :) x

  5. i go to bizzie lizzie's too - it really is the best fish and chip place! their chilli is amazing. looking forward to your next update! x

    1. :O really? maybe you're local to me? If so that'd be amazing, there aren't many near me!

  6. Great post! That cupcake looks so good haha :)

  7. Rachael it was good to chat to you last night on the #fbloggers chat! I love seeing people's weeks in photos... are you on Instagram? Let me know - I'm notlamb. Btw I remember Skipton from when I was a very small kid, I think my family on my mother's side comes from there, even though I'm a Southern Softie through & through ;)

    Am following you on GFC, but let me know if you're on Google+! I'm wanting to follow everyone there now... You can find me here: Google+ Come say hello on my blog if you get a minute!

    Catherine x

  8. loving your pics!! That cupcake looks so good!!
    I have not done much at all lol!!
    just started following you! if you don't mind checking out my own channel?



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