Thursday, 13 August 2015

UPDATE | Results Day, Uni, Moving Forward

Helloooo lovely bloggers. I've got to say it still feels pretty weird writing blog posts again, like a blast from the past! As you might tell by the tone of this post its been a really good results day, at least its been a much more positive experience than last year! If you remember my results post from last year you might remember that I wasnt entirely happy with my AABCD at AS Level. And if you dont remember my last results day post, you certainly wont remember that I was studying French, Spanish, Politics, Economics and General Studies. Well fast forward a year and the Economics has long gone, and I've managed to resit my way to a B in French, an A in Spanish, an A in Politics and an A in General Studies. Thankfully I surpassed my university offer to study Chinese and International Relations at Nottingham which is where you'll find me in a months time! I'm super excited for whatever uni life will bring, although pretty disappointed I have the leave the 3-month Summer bubble and actually do some work for once.
Congratulations to my fellow A Level-ers, and good luck to my GCSE student followers for next Thursday! I'd love to know your plans for the future!


  1. Eek how exciting! Congratulations on your results, and for getting into uni. You're going to have SO much fun! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  2. Woohoo well done you! Enjoy uni - I wish I could go back, I loved it <3

    Jess xo

  3. So excited fro you to start at Nottingham you'll have the best time! <3


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