Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nivea Natural Volume Gloss

I'm quite confused as to whether or not this is a lipgloss or a lipbalm. Whatever the hell it is I picked it up the other day and have since come to form quite an opinion of this 'natural enhancer for volumous lips'. If you have'nt already gathered I despise this product. The colour is probably the nicest thing about it, but even then it doesnt transfer onto your lips but instead leaving you with a sticky solid mess smothering your lips. It by no means does what it's supposed to. I had more volumised lips before I braved sticking this thing on my face. The packaging is cheap and rubbery and the applicator itself has many flaws.

 Possibly the biggest turn off with this product is its distinctive, bitter scent. It really felt unatural putting such a fowl smelling product on my face to make me look and feel better. I can't really describe it to you, just a bitter sour smell that when applied to your lips (which just incase you'd forgetten is right below your nose) makes your eyes water. I can't bare having this on for more than 5 minutes, I cannot recommend you do not buy product this enough.

Product - Nivea Natural Volume Gloss
Advantage - Struggle to think of one
Disadvantage - Everything about it perhaps
Suits - Anyone with no sense of smell
Pigmentation - Pretty much none existent when applied
Availability - £1.49 - Superdrug, Boots and most places. 
Overall score - (1/10)


  1. sounds good ;)! Never heard of this before, which I guess is lucky x

  2. I know you already have this but I thought I would just give you it anyway since I love your blog!:) I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, see my post about it here!

    1. Thankyou! The more awards the better I guess! <3


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