Thursday, 25 July 2013

OPI Nail Envy Matte Nail Strengthener Treatment Review

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I feel like I've done so many review posts on the different variations of OPI's Nail Envy Treatments, it really highlights to myself just how much I spend. However, time and time again in these posts I reiterate that in my opinion Nail Envy polishes will always be worth the money. I've tried various cheaper alternatives, such as the  popular Sally Hansen treatments and in reality none have worked as well as OPI's offerings.

OPI propose an application routine to produce the best results. Apply two coats on the first day, one every day after that, remove on the 7th day and repeat. Admittedly I suck at keeping up routines so I applied slightly less than the routine recommends, however I still noticed great results as my nails were harder than ever. Its a pretty big deal to myself because as you may know I was a nail biter for the best part of a decade so although my natural nails grow very very quickly, they grow through weak and prone to snapping while still very short. Nail Envy hardener has meant that my nails snap much much less (once in a month!) and I can now enjoy having and maintaining long nails!

I'd definitely recommend OPI's Nail Envy for those suffering the knock-on effects of nail biting or wearing acrylic nails. Also, because of its strictly matte formula its undetectable on the nails and so perfect for school or workplaces that don't allow nail polish.

On a quick side note, I've heard from some commenters that they find OPI difficult to source in the UK as it is, but the treatments even more rare. A few variations are exclusive to some stores in the UK. This matte (or matt, whichever side you're on) version is more widely available, I'm pretty sure this one came from either Debenhams or John Lewis (sorry, I get my sides of the Trafford Centre mixed up!). I've also seen them frequently in Boots. QVC and Amazon are popular for finding the less popular ones too.

Nail Envy @ BootsAmazon and QVC


  1. oooh i need to pick this up! x

  2. I agree with the previous commenter! Next time I'm in Boots I will be picking this up! Thanks for the great post :-)x

  3. I using this too and love it x

  4. I love this stuff and I always get it for cheap on Amazon :)

  5. Anonymous26.7.13

    Sounds good :) If you ever want to save a few pennies on OPI, I wrote a guide on where to buy genuine ones on the cheap x

    1. fantastic! I'll have a look, I'm constantly repurchasing them! <3

  6. Anonymous26.7.13

    Wrong link, sorry! Here's the OPI one :) x


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