Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hunting for Nessie!

 As the post title would suggest, today we went to Loch Ness. The day started with a rather wonderful 6 hour trip up to Inverness (which actually looked to have a pretty good shopping centre, my fashion scanning eyes never sleep!) We did'nt actually step down next to the loch as youre not able to - sad face! But I manage to take full advantage of 35x zoom and get these photos. On the way back we spotted Urquhart Castle at the side of the road and pulled in, glad we did as I managed to get some really nice photos!

- The rather beautiful (and huuuuge!) Loch Ness
- Loch Ness vol. 2
- I think I found Nessie ...sitting in the gift shop eating a mars bar just around the corner!
- Urquhart Castle
- Pretty proud of this photo! Local country fair photography entry I think so!


  1. I can't believe I've never been! x

  2. beautiful pictures!

  3. the last photo is pretty amazing! looks like you had fun :D xo


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