Friday, 6 July 2012

In the month of June...

I cannot apologise enough for litterally dropping off the face of the Earth for the past 3 weeks. I mentioned a while back I had a few trips to the Lake District coming up. Well, I have (surprisingly) lived to tell the tale, and so I shall!

The first trip I went on was for a week long trip with my school, as a way of 'bonding us together before our senior year' only me being me, I managed to fall out with half of my year group. Not only that but the weather was horrendous, scorching one day, pouring rain the next, then that horrid sticky humid air most of the UK was experiencing which I'll have you know is awful to walk 8 miles through! Living in the Northern hills you're pretty much used to the rain, with all the hot weather I felt like a polar bear in the Amazon - oh the imagery!  

After a week of catastrophe I returned back to school for 2 days to finish off a few exams I had (stats - went well, geog - went well, English - went well, Spanish - lets just not speak about that!) then off I popped for a weekend back in to the Lake District, in the area of Seathwaite this time. Fact for the day: Seathwaite is the wettest inhabitant place in the UK. And oh boy did it rain! If any of you watched the news, you may have heard about Yorkshire experiencing a months worth of rainfall in a day, yeah well at this point I was up to my neck stood in the middle of the River Derwent measuring it, collecting data for my Geography CAU. I spent the entire weekend drenched, which then gave me multiple illnesses. To top it off I've now broken my foot and cant put pressure on it for 3 weeks. Are you getting the feeling I've had an awful few weeks yet?

On a positive note, now that I'm permanently in bed I'll have loads of time for blogging! Especially now that IVE FINISHED MY SCHOOL YEAR! woooooooo! Roll on senior year the hideous year 11 ties though please!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Sucks that you've broken your foot :( Take it easy! xo

  2. Love the photo's hope your foot gets better soon (now following)
    Love Coco x x x

  3. second and last pictures are amazing, beautiful landscape!!


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