Thursday, 12 July 2012

Korres Lipbutter in 'Quince'

I have been dying needing wanting to get my hands on any Korres products since I first noticed their brand around 6 months ago, especially their lip butters. Korres is a Greek brand, focussed on providing all natural skin, hair and sun care aswell as exclusive makeup line. Although all the products in their line contain the highest quality of luxury natural ingredients, they come without the luxury price tag. I find their line very very affordable as prices range from £7 to £19.

Now when I say lip butter, don't compare them to The Body Shop's alternative, because their nothing alike. The Korres lipbutters are a pigmented lip balm with a gloss finish and buttery texture. They melt on the lips just like butter too! They are by no means sticky, and have fun exotic flavours like Guava, Mango, Quince, Jasmine and Pomegranate, which you can taste on the lips for some time after. There are a range of colours, 'Guava' being a clear gloss, 'Pomegranate' a peach based, 'Quince' a bright pink and 'Wild Rose' the darkest I believe. However, they do show up a lot more sheer when blended around the lips, making the colour less intense than seen in the pot. I think its a very original formula, the only thing I can kind of compare it to is a lipstick pan, although these are slightly glossier and considerably smoother.

Korres Lipbutter in 'Quince' £7
Available from Waitrose, Sephora and Asos
Available also in 'stick' form


  1. This is such a pretty shade! xo

  2. i thought it'd be brighter than this but i think it looks lovely the shade it's come out, never heard of them before but definitely going to check them out after this! xx

  3. Nice color!

  4. This looks great! such an amazing color xx
    thanks so much for the sweet comment, I'd love to make you a painting :)
    a thousand million words

    1. ahh thankyou thats great! should i email you or?.. <3

  5. I definitely need one of these after reading your review! Also I followed, found you through #bbloggers :) xx


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