Wednesday, 25 July 2012

St Andrews

I realise I only ever post a wee bit of my personal life on Aisforayla, which is why I've decided for the next week and bit I shall take you along with me on my tour of Scotland! I know its not the most exciting of places to bring you around, but its easy to upload everyday. And so I give you Day 1 - St Andrews!

St Andrews for those of you who aren't familiar is the home of the Ryder cup and in fact the home of golf in general! It's also where many Royals attend university (I actually had a quick brew in the cafe Kate and Wills first met up in!) These are just a few of the things we visited when we were there!

 - St Andrews castle on the coast front
- The world's most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G noodle bar!
- Can't go too far wrong with a bit of artsy fartsy photography, can we?
- The view from the pier
- St Andrews castle ruins from the pier
- Not historic or interesting, but a skirt I bought from H&M for £15!!!
- St Andrews University


  1. I live in Scotland and I absolutely love St Andrews, I hope to study there for university :) x

  2. Love these kinds of posts and NOODLES!
    Love Chloe x x x

  3. St Andrews looks amazing. I'd love to go to St Andrews University some day! Thank you for sharing!



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