Wednesday, 23 January 2013

16 Before 17...

I've always wanted to do one of these posts for some reason. Basically a *16* before *17* post features all the things you want to achieve before your next birthday, quite like a bucket list I guess. As you may know I recently turned 16 and I'm super excited to be able to live my first year slightly more adult like. Can you believe I can legally drive a tractor? So these are 16 things I want to do in my hopefully rather exciting year.

1. Finally be able to say I own my first YSL product
2. Host a huge party
3. Learn how to swim
4. Try portrait photography
5. Be fully fluent in 3+ languages (getting there)
6. Visit America
7. Go on a staycation with my friends after exams
8. Get my first job! woooo!
9. ...Then spend my wages on a new laptop and camera
10. Legally be old enough to use my Body Shop card (shh don't tell!)
11. Get a perfume collection going
12. Go for lunch in the City a couple of times a month
13. Go to a fashion or beauty trade show
14. Leave school with 12 A*-B's
15. Get a year long gym membership (and actually use it!)
16. Go on holiday with my friends!

What goals would be on your bucket list?


  1. These are great goals, good luck with them! My main goal this year is to get good grades in my A-levels and go to university :) xx

  2. i love the little tag, great goals that you want to do!:)

  3. I agree with you on all of these stuff from the bucket list!! Hope you achieve them. :)

  4. i love these posts, i cant wait till i turn 15 so i can do 16 before 16. hope you had a good birthday! i really want to visit america too!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & Life

  5. Good luck with your goals, my main one is to own my house by the end of the year xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. Anonymous23.1.13

    cute goals, I'm thinking of doing one of these on my next birthday, I have no idea what my goals will be, best start thinking now! xxx

  7. Fab goals :-) Staycation sounds fun!


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