Sunday, 6 January 2013

Small Haul (Including Boxing Day Sales Purchases)

Denim Shirt New Look £23 £9 / Eyelash Curler Boots £4.50 (paid with points) / Neon Yellow Bracelet H&M £4 / Burgundy Pants Topshop £4 £2 / Raspberry underwear (set) Primark £4

I was actually so dissapointed with the sales this year. I went to a local shopping town which was strangely empty when we arrived at 10am on Boxing Day. I picked up the few bits you see above, most of which wasn't even on sale. I then went to the Trafford Centre on the Friday where it was slightly busier, but still not as busy as it usually is. I bought NOTHING while I was there. Well I tell a lie, I bought a flapjack which I ate within 2 minutes of purchasing. All the stock was awful, I think its probably because they've started opening up the sales on Christmas Eve, annoyingly. Topshop was probably the best place, although even then I let my best friend buy all the good bits because I'm a top friend. Overall I spent a teeny weeny £19 on Boxing Day!


  1. I was disappointed with the sales this year, I did end up with a bargain of a samsung galaxy tablet though!!
    I love that neon braclet! I want some neon jewllery!
    Charli @

  2. I love the denim shirt, what a bargain and the eyelash curler look good i might try that one! Check out my haul

  3. I was disappointed with the sales too.. especially Topshop. :/
    But you found some nice picks! xx

  4. I tend to always be disappointed with the sales, so this year ended up buying full priced products... not good for the bank balance :(


  5. Wow you got some absolute bargains there! I too was really disappointed with the sales this year, think a lot of stores started before Christmas so by the time boxing day/ 27th came along all the good stuff had gone :(
    Rosy x

  6. Anonymous6.1.13

    Great bargain on the shirt, I love it. Overall I was a little disappointed with the sales but at least I didn't go crazy xx

  7. love the denim shirt, what a bargain x

  8. You picked up a few bargains! I found the sales a bit hit and miss tbh, some shops were only doing 30% off selected items :\

  9. Love your blog!! It's so pretty!!

  10. That sounds so frustrating! I'm not a massive fan of sales really, only picked up a white musk set from the body shop, nothing else has really grabbed me xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. Anonymous7.1.13

    I think the sales this year haven't been that good or worth having the money off! I love Lush sale though but their stuff goes really quickly!
    LaceyLoves x

  12. I thought the sales were rubbish too. That denim shirt is really nice though! X

  13. I wasnt impressed with the sales this year, i was so put off everything is just such a mess, but i love the denim shirt and the bracelet ! found your blog via the monday beauties blog hop x


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