Friday, 22 March 2013

FOTD #2 Smudgy liner and bold lips


Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Foundation - Rimmel Match Perfect in 'Ivory'
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte in 'Sandstorm'
Contour - MUA Shade 1 Bronzer
Brows - Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo in 'Mocha Latte'
Upper Liner - MUA Eyeshadow in '20'
Lower Liner - Collection 2000 Cream Eyeshadow in 'Gold Rush'
Lipstick - Natural Collection 'Crimson'

I'm really getting in to FOTD posts at the moment, I never realised how quick and easy they are to do, and how much you all like to read them! This is just a quick face as I'm off out tonight and decided I'd do an all-drugstore makeup look. This is a pretty different look for me as usually I'm all about long, defined lashes and tons of contouring but I went lightly with the bronzer and no mascara at all! Yes, I did just say that. More recently I've been enjoying being a bit more of a lady and horrid, smudging mascara at 3am certainly does NOT go with that! If you're wondering why the picture quality changes, I decided to post a picture of the makeup with flash photography as my camera picks finer details up better with flash. This was the only one I had, my friends were trying to make me laugh!

What is your favourite drugstore makeup item?


  1. such nice makeup-please check out our new blog post and feel free to leave a comment, you look amazing :-)

  2. I love the smudgy liner, its so pretty and natural. I love the lipstick to, it looks really nice on you and ive never tried the natural collection ones before they sound great! :)

  3. The lipstick really suits you :) x

  4. you look gorgeous! x

  5. I love this look and the lip colour suits you perfectly! It's bold but flattering ;-) xo

  6. Anonymous23.3.13

    lovely look (: the lip shade looks great on you (:
    xx S.

  7. This is a great look :) I love the lip shade!


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