Friday, 21 September 2012

A/W Fashion Picks!

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The fact all of these items follow the same colour themes is actually making me cringe right now. It's probably no surprise to you that I'm loving black, neon yellow and turqoise this season. You'll probably sit wondering why the hell I'm in to neon yellow and turquoise for Winter - lets face it theyre not your typical fall colours! Throughout all of this year I've been craving everything neon yellow and next year the 'colour of the year' is set to be a sort of jade green / turquoise, so I'm buying in early! I never go for light wash jeans, or trousers in general but for some reason they really called out to me. Plus I'm obsessed with the coloured dress! I think the stripes give off a 'Sports Luxe' kinda vibe which no doubt will come back in as the new year comes around.


  1. love all your picks! and beautiful dress! Its a very autumn colour but I love it at the moment as well x

  2. I definitely think neon will transition into autumn/winter this year. Especially yellow. The scarf could easily be worn with an all black outfit... black jeans/leggings, black top, black blazer and black boots. I would wear it! :) plus no one wears woolly scarves in summer so they obviously designed it with autumn/winter in mind haha

  3. Love the black maxi and scarf! x

  4. Love the high waist jeans and the two scarfs xo

  5. i must have that scarf! and that dress!! love yor blog btw.

  6. I love the geometric dress. Really like your blog, would love you to check out mine too! Now following. Naomi xx


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