Monday, 3 September 2012

Whats in my school makeup bag!

Like I said yesterday in my 'Whats in my school bag' post my school are crazy strict on uniform, and that includes makeup. For that reason any makeup I wear has to be extremely subtle, hence the lack of foundation, eyeliner and bright makeup in my cosmetics bag. The actual bag itself is from Primark and cost £2, I'm not usually one for animal print of any sort, but I thought the cute dalmation print was too cute not to pick up. It's a good size and believe it or not it fits all of this in!

So on to the actual contents of the bag. I'll start with the 'essentials' a standard basic hairbrush, black Primark hair ties, clips and pins (mini bulldogs and bobbys are Primark, flower is Accessorize, studded is Boots) and tissues (which I'm not fussy about, these are 'medicated' so should be good for Winter) are all things I carry with me all the time and really can't leave the house without.

Some other bits and bobs I like to have with me are a nail file (pink diamontes - how could I not?) which is from a local boutique store, a mirror which I got with some St Tropez purchases a while ago, any kind of chewing gum, a mini hand gel I found lying around, my favourite cherry blossom hand cream from L'Occitane, Natural Collection 'Vanilla' and Impulse 'New York' body sprays I'm trying to use up, and a mini sampler of Givenchy's 'Play' I like to carry around with me for whenever I hang out with friends houses after school and I'm feeling worst for wear.

As for makeup, I only carry a few bits and pieces for touch ups during the day. A mini 30 day sampler of the Bare Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil I reviewed here along with the teeny compact brush it came with to keep my skin looking matte all day, aswell as my favourite concealer by Collection 2000. I also carry a little sample of Benefit's Posie Tint that I got free with some Benefit purchases the other week, I don't get on with liquid makeup but I always have it with me just incase I'm in desperate need of some brightening. I also have a L'Oreal True Match pressed powder that I'm trying to use up quickly before October when I go on holiday as it's already slightly too light for me now, let alone in October! My school is incredibly incredibly strict on nail polish (were talking getting sent home for wearing it?!-.-) although I'm a wierdo and need to wear nail polish to stop me biting of my nails again so I carry a super light sheer colour with me, I can't tell which one it is, either Ballet Slippers or Muchi Muchi by Essie. As you can see by the photo I'm all about lips. I carry a Nivea lipbalm in 'Soft Rose' because omg it smells exactly like Playdoh I'm addicted hahah! I also take my Korres Lipbutter in Quince that I reviewed here, and my favourite lipgloss ever - Bare Escentuals Buxom in 'Destiny'. I think I've managed to include everything!

What are your essential items for a day at school or work?


  1. great post!

  2. This is such a cute post :)


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  3. Cute makeup bag! The Korres lip tint in Quince is definitely a must have in my makeup bag as well because it is just the perfect product.

    Love your blog! x


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