Monday, 17 September 2012

Stila Lipglaze Trio in 'Warm'

The product is a clicker pen, quite like we see in products such as the Touche Eclat by YSL, clearly the design choice was picked because it was the more modern type, and not because it functioned well. It's difficult to distribute a good amount of product, meaning a considerable amount is wasted. The formula of the gloss (which i'll get on to later) also makes the brush tip pretty disgusting. The brush is also a poor design choice, as it's so small and stiff it streaks across the lips meaning you have to go in with a further makeup brush to distribute it correctly or face getting your fingers sticky with glitter. It's nothing like the brush we see in the No7 High Shine Lipglosses, where application is easy!

The 'Warm' trio is made up of 3 shades -
'creme bouquet' - a creamy pale peach with gold and pink shimmer
'apricot' - a pink-toned peach with slight pink/purple shimmer
'chocolate' - a creamy red toned brown

One thing I love about the Stila lipglazes is that the scents of the products are individual to their name. The Apricot one actually smells of apricot, the chocolate - chocolate, and the creme bouquet well.. a creme bouquet whatever that is! The smell doesn't stick around for too long, but it's a nice added novelty. But that's where my love for these glosses end. They don't add shine unless you apply the thickest layer of product (as in swatches) on to the lips, which lets face it is pretty impossible to tolerate for more than 5 minutes. Creme bouquet is a little too shimmery for my liking, almost like one of those cheap lipglosses you got as a child. The brown one is pretty unusual really, It doesn't come out brown (which im sure is a good thing because honestly I've never seen anybody pull off brown lips) it applies almost red on the lips, which can be nice for fall. Apricot is probably the most wearable.

(L-R Creme Bouquet, Apricot, Chocolate)

The formula of the glosses is also pretty shoddy. These are litterally THE stickiest glosses I've ever owned. This makes them really quite uncomfortable to wear. In terms or longevity, I got 3-4 hours of solid wear from these glosses, which I think is one of the benefits of a sticky gloss, it really does 'cling' to your clips despite eating and drinking. Although, regardless of this I certainly wouldn't purchase any more of these.

Have you tried Stila lipglazes? What are your thoughts?


  1. I did want to try these but there sticky and i hate sticky glosses!:)

    1. It's a real shame! This was the first I've tried from Stila and it really hasn't given me a good impression:( <3

    2. I hate sticky glosses as well! That's the main reason I don't buy lip glosses often, I prefer lipsticks.

      Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. Loving these I want the Apricot!

    1. The Apricot is probably my favourite out of the 3! <3

  3. i really want to try this! :) great review :)

    I found your blog on the bbloggers blog hop :)


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